‘Queen’ is UK children’s word of the year for 2022 - The Guardian

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“Queen” has been chosen by young radical arsenic the Oxford children’s connection of the twelvemonth for 2022.

Almost fractional of children surveyed by Oxford University Press (OUP) chose “Queen” arsenic their connection of the year. In 2nd spot was “happy”, chosen by 36% of children, with “chaos” coming successful 3rd with 14% of the vote.

When asked wherefore they chose the Queen, children cited sadness and nonaccomplishment arsenic good arsenic feelings of pridefulness successful narration to the precocious monarch, according to OUP. Girls were much apt to take “Queen” arsenic their No 1 connection successful examination with boys; 52% of girls chose “Queen” against 39% of boys.

Analysis of the Oxford Children’s Corpus, the largest children’s English connection database successful the world, containing implicit fractional a cardinal words, revealed Queen Elizabeth was regularly successful the Top 10 database of celebrated radical whom children wrote astir implicit the years.

Helen Freeman, manager of Oxford Children’s Books, said: “It comes arsenic nary astonishment that ‘Queen’ is children’s connection of the twelvemonth for 2022. This not lone reflects Her Majesty’s 70 years of unthinkable service, but implicit the past decennary our probe consistently reveals however attuned children are to the quality and the interaction existent affairs person connected their language. It’s captious we proceed to put successful connection improvement and guarantee children person entree to a wide scope of vocabulary successful bid to consciousness equipped to process and sermon the news.”

Miranda McKearney, laminitis of EmpathyLab, said the prime of “Queen” “highlights however affected children were by the emotions and consciousness of assemblage and transportation astir the Jubilee and the Queen’s death”.

The probe besides asked children however they felt astir the twelvemonth ahead, with 48% saying they felt hopeful and 29% feeling excited. However, 14% said they felt worried.

Other findings revealed the apical slang connection of the twelvemonth was “cool”, chosen by 40% of children, with “sick/sic” chosen by 28% and “slay” chosen by 15%.

In the erstwhile years, to find the children’s connection of the year, OUP analysed children’s penning submitted via the BBC 500 Words originative penning competition. However, this twelvemonth it changed the methodology, alternatively asking 4,000 children aged six to 14 crossed the state for their suggested connection of 2022.

Based connected the astir communal responses and themes successful their answers, “Queen”, “happy” and “chaos” were shortlisted and past enactment to a ballot by a further 1,000 children to determine their wide connection of 2022.

The wide 2022 Oxford connection of the twelvemonth was “goblin mode”, which refers to “a benignant of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, oregon greedy, typically successful a mode that rejects societal norms oregon expectations”. For the archetypal time, it was decided connected by a nationalist ballot (previously the last determination was made by OUP’s lexicographers).

In 2021 the children’s connection of the twelvemonth was “anxiety”. Previous words of the twelvemonth see “coronavirus”, “plastic” and “#hashtag”.