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Princess Diana had nary regrets astir spilling termination attempts successful book Princess Diana had nary 'regrets' astir spilling 'suicide attempts' successful book

Princess Diana had nary regrets successful supporting the Andrew Morton biography.  

Morton, who authored the Princess’ biography with her help, says Diana died without regrets.

Speaking to Hello! magazine's A Right Royal Podcast, Morton nevertheless revealed an important question helium ne'er asked the erstwhile Princess of Wales.

He said: "The 1 question I ne'er asked her was, 'Why are you doing it?' Because she mightiness person thought to herself, 'Why americium I doing it?'"

He, however, added that Diana was ever "relieved" implicit the publication getting out.

He said: "I retrieve occasions erstwhile Diana was successful tears talking astir immoderate of the issues successful her life, mostly her termination attempts – and erstwhile I sent her to work done section six, she was successful tears speechmaking it due to the fact that it conscionable brought backmost truthful galore memories.

"She did person a hard childhood, an unhappy childhood, and talking astir that arsenic good it was similar ploughing a tract – it brought to the aboveground each kinds of unhappiness,” helium noted.

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