Premier League tops British Icon Index again - Premier League

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The Premier League has topped the "British Icon Index" for the 3rd time, outperforming different starring British organisations and brands successful making radical astir the satellite consciousness positively astir the United Kingdom.

The British Icon Index is an investigation of 14 cardinal British institutions, industries, and brands, looking astatine however the nationalist crossed 11 antithetic countries respond to them.

Yonder Consulting conducted astatine slightest 1,000 interviews successful each country, with respondents asked to complaint these "icons" connected 10 attributes oregon measures.

The 14 institutions nether investigation were the Premier League, Rolls-Royce, British universities, British Airways, the BBC, Jaguar Land Rover, British film, British music, British fashion, the British Council, HSBC, The Monarchy, Dyson, and Harrods.

Key findings from the study include:
- The Premier League topped the British Icon Index league table, with Rolls-Royce and British Universities 2nd and third, confirming the Premier League arsenic a cardinal UK export occurrence story.
- 87 per cent of each respondents said that the Premier League makes them deliberation much positively of Britain.
- The Premier League came apical successful 5 markets crossed Africa and Asia (Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam). Rolls-Royce came apical successful different five, and British universities are archetypal successful Brazil.
- The Premier League performed powerfully crossed a scope of attributes, receiving the highest "familiarity" and "favourability" scores crossed the markets.
- The Premier League ranked positively crossed each demographics, but peculiarly among the "leaders of tomorrow", ranking apical among young radical aged 18-34

Respondents were asked to complaint each instauration connected attributes specified arsenic however modern, exciting, and trusted they are, arsenic good arsenic ranking however recognisable they are globally.

The results were past analysed by Yonder to find the hidden property which comes closest to combining each the affirmative qualities tested. How overmuch of this hidden "X factor" each icon has is what determines their spot successful the British Icon Index.

As successful erstwhile studies, luxury brands specified arsenic Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover continued to execute good crossed each marketplace polled, arsenic did institutions similar British universities and the BBC.

However, it is the planetary scope of the Premier League which again saw it look apical of the British Icon Index, performing peculiarly powerfully successful South-East Asia and Africa.

Once much the Premier League demonstrated its quality to prosecute crossed populations beyond those funny successful football, and with an unrivalled entreaty among young people.

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive said: “For much than 30 years, the Premier League has delivered unthinkable shot that has captured the imaginativeness of fans each implicit the world. This is acknowledgment to the world’s champion players producing thrilling matches week in, week retired and the planetary illustration of our clubs.

"Football has the powerfulness to animate radical of each ages and we are arrogant to person travel retired connected apical of the British Icon Index for the 3rd time, up of a fig of different globally recognised organisations.”

Andrew Bowie, Minister for Exports astatine the Department for International Trade said: “What a hat-trick for the Premier League. It’s genuinely fantastic to spot 1 of the UK’s astir invaluable brands and biggest exports thriving crossed the satellite and winning this accolade for the 3rd clip successful a row.

 “With broadcast exports unsocial worthy a immense £1.4bn successful 2020, the League’s planetary occurrence is an export occurrence communicative - increasing the system and supporting astir 100,000 jobs successful the UK.”

Rick Nye, Senior Counsel Yonder commented: “As the UK seeks to fortify alliances globally, the state needs icons that are astatine erstwhile universally recognised and admired and susceptible of engaging radical astir the world. The Premier League stands arsenic the precise champion of these.”

DOWNLOAD: British Icon Index (PDF; 6.1MB)