Powell River Women in Business host first workshop of 2023 - Powell River Peak

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Entrepreneurship and concern innovation is thing caller successful the rugged, semi-remote qathet region.

However, successful the past fewer years determination has been a noticeable uptick successful the fig of women who person oregon are starting businesses here. What is it astir the portion that has attracted the pioneer spirit?

Vegan idiosyncratic trainer Karina Inkster thinks it’s due to the fact that much and much businesses—especially since the COVID-19 pandemic–are becoming determination independent.

“So we are seeing folks being capable to take wherever they live, similar the Sunshine Coast, and inactive tally their business,” said Inkster. “This means much divers businesses, and radical who tally them surviving successful 1 place.”

Powell River Women successful Business (WIB) has played a large relation successful empowering women and non-binary folks to get started arsenic tiny concern owners. As a member-driven nonprofit enactment that began successful 2007, WIB believes women helping women successful concern is simply a astute strategy that benefits the assemblage arsenic a whole.

For those looking to find their vision, the Vision Board Workshop is the archetypal WIB lawsuit of 2023.

Cynthia Owen, proprietor of Beyond the Story Coaching and WIB’s treasurer, volition pb the store and assistance participants envision what they privation their enactment beingness and idiosyncratic beingness to look like. The workshop takes spot from 6 to 8 p.m. connected Tuesday, January 17.

AfterGlow Hair Lounge proprietor Holly Barnes is simply a WIB subordinate and has been nominated successful “Best of Powell River” for the past 5 years.

“Powell River is an incredibly inclusive community, and I find that the residents are ever funny successful participating successful fundraising events erstwhile we [WIB] person hosted them,” said Barnes. “Starting a concern is overmuch easier present that we person much residents. I opened my concern backmost successful 2011, and it was a small trickier then. I person ever felt supported, however, having much salon guests makes beingness and concern overmuch easier.”

WIB provides workshops, bursaries and mentorship for women who are starting, wanting to commencement oregon person already started a business.

Inkster precocious became a member.

“WIB has been a fantastic level for networking, supporting local, women-owned tiny businesses,” she said, “and besides operating arsenic a presenter/educator for different concern owners’ skills, for example, workshops connected societal media marketing, investing, and more.”

For much information, spell to: prwomeninbusiness.com/events/vision-board-workshop.

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