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If you're not a picky eater and privation to bash your portion to assistance the environment, there's an app you whitethorn privation to cheque out.

PORTLAND, Maine — According to Feeding America, each year, 119 cardinal pounds of nutrient is wasted successful the United States equalling astir 130 cardinal meals.

Representatives from the app Too Good To Go accidental the extremity is to alteration that, 1 repast astatine a time. 

"Unfortunately astir 40 percent of nutrient successful the U.S. goes to wasteland, actually, planetary nutrient discarded contributes to 10 percent of greenhouse state emissions," Olivia Oliverson, caput of selling for the app, said.

Once you download the app, you tin cheque retired which restaurants successful your country are offering to-go bags. You get nutrient astatine a discounted price, and successful turn, that concern cuts down connected wasted food.

The adjunct manager astatine Cheese Louise successful Portland's Old Port said they partnered up with Too Good To Go successful July of 2021 arsenic 1 of the archetypal section businesses connected the app.

"We really person rather a fewer radical travel successful each day. We usually connection astir 4 astonishment bags a day," Anna Katheryn Hodgman, adjunct manager astatine Cheese Louise, said.

The lawsuit doesn't cognize what's successful the astonishment bag, but it's not conscionable array scraps.

"With the ingredients we propulsion successful there, you tin truly marque yourself immoderate benignant of sandwich. It tin beryllium up to astir 4 loaves of bread, each and all, that comes successful the [surprise] bag," Hodgman said. 

The biggest payment for the app users is they tin get a container afloat of nutrient that is worthy up to $15, being sold connected the app for little than $5.

The concern does marque a tiny nett connected what would different spell successful the trash. The app takes a level interest of $1.79 per sale, and past the institution gets to support the rest.

Hodgman said, "It's mode amended for the situation than to conscionable propulsion everything away."

Too Good To Go is redeeming nutrient and our assemblage 1 astonishment container astatine a time. 

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