TUCKER CARLSON: All governments hate religious people

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You ever ideate successful your mind's oculus that it's evil men who destruct society: wild-eyed, spit-flecked dictators pounding nan podium to request nan annihilation of their enemies. That's nan Hollywood type of it, but successful existent life, group for illustration that seldom get very far. They're excessively obvious. It's not nan animation demons you've sewage to interest about. It's anemic men successful positions of power. They're nan astir dangerous, men pinch nary principles but nan desire for self-preservation. Hollow men who unrecorded successful panic of being revealed for who they really are. Men who will do thing to prevention themselves. That's who you should beryllium acrophobic of.

And you tin spot that successful our existent moment. The weakest are nan astir destructive. How overmuch of his puerility do you deliberation Adam Kinzinger spent hanging from nan wedgie nail? How galore swirlies did Eric Swalwell strengthen successful precocious school? How aged was Adam Schiff earlier a woman different than his sister kissed him voluntarily? It makes you shudder to deliberation astir it. These are sad, insecure, surgery men filled pinch envy and bitterness from their lonely childhoods. They dislike you because they dislike themselves. It's not their masculinity that's toxic, it's their deficiency of it.


That's really nan communicative of nan Biden administration. The weakest president successful history joined forces pinch nan weakest lawyer wide successful history to create a constabulary state. Shocking? Well, erstwhile you understand nan principle, it shouldn't really astonishment you. And it's funny now to retrieve that nan smart group successful Washington erstwhile told america that Merrick Garland was a moderate. They thought that apparently because erstwhile Garland's promised Supreme Court spot didn't materialize, he cried. "Oh, he's crying," they thought. "He's truthful delicate and thoughtful." But no. Merrick Garland was crying for himself because he is simply a self-pitying careerist pinch nary position connected his ain life, whose occupation is everything to him. He is, successful different words, virtually nan past personification you would ever put successful complaint of nan Department of Justice.

So naturally, Joe Biden did, and that turned retired to beryllium a pivotal decision. Merrick Garland has presided complete nan astir fierce onslaught connected civilian liberties, successful particular, an onslaught connected nan believe of accepted Christianity, that immoderate surviving American has seen. Now, Garland would ne'er opportunity that successful public, of course. That would beryllium excessively straightforward. His attack is feline, not canine. Every connection is simply a weasel word. But nether sustained questioning, nan existent Merrick Garland emerges, and it is filthy and dishonest. Here he was successful nan Senate yesterday, facing disconnected against Mike Lee of Utah.

MIKE LEE: DOJ has announced charges against 34 individuals for blocking entree to aliases vandalizing abortion clinics, and location person been complete 81 reported attacks connected gestation centers, 130 attacks connected Catholic churches since nan leak of nan Dobbs decision, and only 2 individuals person been charged. So really do you explicate this disparity?

MERRICK GARLAND: We use nan rule equally. I will opportunity you are rather right. There are galore much prosecutions pinch respect to nan blocking of the, of nan abortion centers, but that is mostly because those actions are taken pinch photography astatine nan time, during nan daylight, and seeing nan personification who did it is rather easy. Those who are attacking nan gestation resources centers, which is simply a horrid point to do, are doing this astatine nighttime successful nan dark.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. ((Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images))

In lawsuit you didn't travel that, we "apply nan rule equally." We conscionable can't, for immoderate reason, negociate to analyse crimes that hap aft dark. It's nan sundown rule, good known successful ineligible circles. It's difficult to judge that Merrick Garland really said that successful a Senate proceeding until you retrieve that, of course, he will opportunity anything, and he does.

"We're not persecuting Christians," he'll show you. Then, he'll nonstop nan FBI aft Mark Houck. Houck is simply a pro-life laic preacher who was praying extracurricular an abortion clinic erstwhile a pro-abortion extremist harassed his 12-year-old son. So arsenic immoderate begetter would, Houck shoved nan man retired of his son's face. That's what happened. It was not a crime. We cognize that because nary section charismatic pursued it. And it is certainly, without question, not a national felony to push a lunatic retired of your 12-year-old son's face. But nether Merrick Garland, it is now a felony. Almost a twelvemonth aft that happened, Garland sent equipped men to apprehension Mark Houck successful beforehand of his family.

MARK HOUCK: On Sept. 23, astir 6:45 successful nan morning, that's erstwhile those 20 alleged agents, afloat SWAT gear, heavy armored vests, ballistic shields, helmets, battering ram, banged connected my door.

Yesterday, Josh Hawley asked Garland to explicate that behavior, nan utterly indefensible totalitarian behavior. And Merrick Garland, of course, successful his soft-spoken way, was delighted to take sides it.

JOSH HAWLEY: Let's return a look astatine nan hardened criminals that your Justice Department sent these equipped agents to spell terrorize connected that morning. Here they are. Here they are astatine mass. Here's nan 7 children pinch Mr. Houck and his wife. He has offered to move himself in, and this is who you spell to terrorize? You are nan lawyer general. Give maine your answer. Do you deliberation that it was objectively reasonable and they followed your guidelines successful sending 20 to 30 equipped agents to terrorize these people? Yes aliases no?

MERRICK GARLAND: The facts I have, which are those presented by nan FBI, are not accordant pinch your description.

JOSH HAWLEY: So you deliberation it was reasonable?

MERRICK GARLAND: I'm saying nan facts are not arsenic you describe.

JOSH HAWLEY: You usage an unbelievable show of unit pinch guns that I conscionable statement liberals usually decry. We're expected to dislike agelong guns and assault-style weapons. You're happy to deploy them against Catholics and guiltless children.

He doesn't care. He's sewage nary soul, obviously, and if anything, Josh Hawley's explanation is excessively narrow. It's not conscionable Catholics that Merrick Garland has targeted pinch force. It's anybody who expresses a belief successful biblical Christianity successful public. But it is existent that Catholics do look to beryllium getting a disproportionate stock of national rule enforcement attraction nether Joe Biden. The FBI, arsenic you whitethorn know, conscionable drafted a memo claiming that radical, accepted Catholics are someway a nationalist information threat presumably because they thin to believe extracurricular of abortion clinics.

In March of 2021, Paul Vaughn and 10 others were peacefully praying astatine an abortion session successful Tennessee. They didn't harm immoderate property. They wounded nary one. More than a twelvemonth aft they dared to do that, to pray, Merrick Garland sent nan FBI to terrorize Vaughn and his 11 children astatine their home.

BETHANY VAUGHN: No. I want to cognize why you were banging connected my doorway pinch a gun. You're not going to show maine anything? No, you didn't. You did not try.

A female praying successful a church

A female praying successful a church (AP)

You person to wonderment erstwhile you spot a portion for illustration that, wherever are alleged Christian leaders? Where's Russell Moore and each nan different breastfeeding Christians arsenic that happens, arsenic nan U.S. authorities cracks down connected Christianity, connected prayer? Silent. Paul Vaughn and his co-conspirators now look much than a decade successful prison. Meanwhile, conscionable successful lawsuit you want to cognize what nan standard is for punishment, nan Department of Justice, nether Joe Biden, fto half nan rioters spell who tried to torch a courthouse successful Oregon. No charges whatsoever. 

Of 99 cases that nan Portland U.S. lawyer brought complete that courthouse siege for crimes for illustration assaulting national officers and civilian disorder, much than 47 were dropped by DOJ. The astir superior penalties for astir of nan defendants who pleaded blameworthy turned retired to beryllium organization service.

So nan DOJ nether Merrick Garland absolves Joe Biden voters of existent coercion while doing everything they tin to terrify, humiliate and destruct group who believe successful public. They're targeting specifically anyone who is religious, humiliating them successful beforehand of their children. Now, why are they doing this? Well, because connected immoderate level, each governments dislike belief group because it's competition. And revolutionary governments, totalitarian governments spell aft belief group first. It happened successful nan French Revolution, happened successful nan Bolshevik Revolution and it's happening now. That's why parents who situation to kick astir their children being sexually indoctrinated and openly sexualized are attacked, successful immoderate cases by nan DOJ.

Again, you tin spot why. Young group raised to judge that God is successful complaint are overmuch harder for nan authorities to power arsenic they turn up. They won't believe nan government. But by contrast, if a kid is raised to beryllium a narcissist, personification who thinks, "I tin alteration my gender," he will turn up confused, anemic and reliant connected nan group successful complaint of nan state. It's a very elemental principle. It's why nan Maoist authorities went aft Tibetan monks. Anyone who sincerely believes successful God is simply a threat, and that is nan measurement of a free state successful nan end. Are you allowed to judge that there's an authority higher than nan group successful complaint of your government? That has ever been nan hallmark of America: belief liberty. It's successful nan First Amendment.

But successful Canada, of course, that's each disappeared. Canada has now go an atheist, totalitarian authorities pinch astonishing speed. And successful Canada, it's now a crime to entity to sexualized resistance shows for children. You're not allowed to opportunity a word. Late past month, a pastor successful Calgary was violently thrown retired of an all-ages — successful different words, for children — resistance queen communicative hr for daring to entity to nan sexualization of children. 


Who committed nan unit successful that video? The feline connected nan crushed was nan pastor. Before we reply nan question, immoderate discourse will punctual you that successful Canada, showing immoderate disloyalty astatine each to nan Trudeau authorities could get your slope relationship stiff and your motortruck seized. So possibly you're not amazed to study that that man connected nan ground, his sanction is Pastor Derek Reimer, who showed profound disrespect for Justin Trudeau's ongoing efforts to sexualize children and mutilate nan genitals of children, woke up yesterday to nan constabulary banging connected his doorway and telling him he was going to beryllium arrested. 

DEREK REIMER: Why are you showing up astatine my home? You guys could've called me. You could person called me.

POLICE OFFICER: We request to talk astir what happened complete nan play astatine Seton, right?

DEREK REIMER: Why do we request to talk astir it?

POLICE OFFICER: Because you're going to beryllium arrested for it and charged. So we tin woody pinch it this morning, aliases I tin conscionable put warrants retired for you.

DEREK REIMER: Charged pinch what?

POLICE OFFICER: Mischief and causing a disturbance.


Where are each nan master Christians? You person to wonderment that again. Where's David French and Beth Moore and Tim Keller and each these group who are defending Christianity arsenic existent Christians are being arrested for being Christians? Hmm. Not a word. Well, today, Pastor Derek Reimer confirmed that a warrant was retired for his apprehension for dislike crimes, and he was correct astir that. He was not overstating it because this afternoon, he was virtually arrested. 

That doesn't look for illustration nan Canada you thought you knew. All Molson and sled dogs aliases immoderate stormtrooper successful sunglasses won't reply a mobility earlier you supply your I.D. And past nan pastor sitting successful a car pinch bars connected nan windows getting hauled distant to jailhouse for being thrown to nan crushed astatine resistance queen communicative hour. 

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