Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Iron Leaves 5-star Tera Raid guide

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Iron Leaves, a Paradox shape of Virizion, is 1 of nan 2 caller Legendary Pokémon added to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Iron Leaves does look to beryllium a version-exclusive for Pokémon Violet, but Scarlet players tin still participate and drawback this Pokémon if they subordinate a Violet player’s raid.

Since it’s a five-star ambush target, it isn’t peculiarly difficult — astatine slightest not astir arsenic difficult arsenic nan arena seven-star raids we get from clip to time. This one, however, is simply a spot harder than its counterpart, Walking Wake.

Iron Leaves is only successful raids until March 12 astatine 6:59 p.m. EST, truthful make judge to drawback it while you can. You tin only drawback 1 Iron Leaves.

For beating Iron Leaves, you’ll get modular drops for illustration Exp. Candy, Tera Shards, Bottle Caps, and wealth items to waste for money. Serebii.net has a complete driblet table. Iron Leaves raids do not driblet Herba Mystica.

Iron Leaves Tera Raid champion counters

Iron Leaves is astatine level 75 pinch a psychic Tera Type. It knows Psyblade, Leaf Blade, Megahorn, and Swords Dance. It’ll commencement nan conflict disconnected pinch Electric Terrain, making it activate its ability, Quark Drive, which increases its astir proficient stat successful electrical terrain.

Iron Leaves is anemic against nan accustomed psychic-type counters: bug-, dark-, and ghost-type moves. Its bug-type move, Megahorn, will beryllium ace effective against dark-type Pokémon, truthful beryllium observant if you usage them.

Iron Leaves hits for illustration a motortruck and it loves to usage Swords Dance, making it deed moreover harder. We urge moving a Pokémon pinch Clear Smog aliases Chilling Water to debuff it backmost to doing normal damage.

You do not needfully request a maxed out, afloat trained Pokémon to hit Iron Leaves, arsenic agelong arsenic you tin either vessel a fewer hits aliases you tin debuff it. We utilized a Skeledirge to hit it, arsenic its ghost- and fire-typing made it resistant to a plethora of Iron Leaves’ moves. We besides saw chap players utilizing Ceruledge (another fire- and ghost-type Pokémon) and Gholdengo (a steel- and ghost-type Pokémon that is resistant to each of Iron Leaves’ moves) to successfully return it on.

Don’t hide to usage cheers to heal and summation your defenses arsenic well.