Pokémon Go Latios and Latias Photo Safari steps, how to catch in the wild

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Latios and Latias are astonishment additions to nan Go Tour Hoenn arena play successful Pokémon Go in Feb. 2023.

Either of these legendary Pokémon tin beryllium encountered successful nan chaotic depending connected your Ruby aliases Sapphire prime starring up to nan play — and by doing so, you tin unlock a prize brushwood pinch a snapshot.

How to drawback Latios aliases Latias successful Pokémon Go this weekend

Either Latios aliases Latias will look successful nan chaotic during Go Tour Hoenn arena hours erstwhile you person chosen Ruby aliases Sapphire arsenic portion of nan “Primal Rumblings” Special Research.

You will brushwood Latios if you take Ruby, and brushwood Latias if you take Sapphire.

From here, they will spawn successful nan wild. Similar to nan Galarian legendary encounters arsenic portion of Daily Incense, these are reliable to catch, and will apt fly aft a azygous throw. As such, make judge you purpose to get astatine slightest a Great Curveball throw, and usage a Golden Razz Berry to amended your chances.

However, you tin guarantee a drawback by snapshotting them during nan encounter. This will complete nan Photo Safari research, which has a reward to brushwood nan respective Pokémon.

Latios aliases Latias Photo Safari investigation quest steps, rewards

Depending connected whether you picked Ruby aliases Sapphire successful nan “Primal Rumblings” Special Research, you’ll get either Latios aliases Latias Timed Research.

Ruby: Latios Photo Safari

  • Take a snapshot of Latios successful nan chaotic (381 Stardust)

Reward: Latios encounter, 10 Great Balls, 3,800 XP

Sapphire: Latias Photo Safari

  • Take a snapshot of Latias successful nan chaotic (380 Stardust)
  • Reward: Latias encounter, 10 Great Balls, 3,800 XP

Other investigation during Go Tour includes “Chasing Legends” (free for each players) and Masterwork: “Wish Granted” (premium quest from nan shop).

You tin besides complete Spooky Cipher research, conflict Primal Kyogre and Groudon and hatch regionals Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth.