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Published January 17, 2023 astatine 10:09 AM EST

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A caller study shows that Pittsburgh’s subject and tech assemblage is increasing but challenges remain
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The Pittsburgh region’s subject and exertion assemblage is larger than the nationalist average. But a new study by the Rand Corporation shows if officials privation that to continue, the country needs to code immoderate large challenges, including workforce shortages.

To assistance code these concerns, Melanie Zaber, an economist astatine Rand and the pb writer of the study, said reaching retired beyond Pittsburgh is 1 mode to guarantee the maturation of these industries.

“So to guarantee the region's economical competitiveness, some successful attracting employers and successful generating innovation, being capable to grow that diverseness by going extracurricular of the region, extracurricular of the authorities would beryllium truly adjuvant for securing our future,” says Zaber.

The study besides recovered that pathways into the subject and exertion workforce are not ever wide and that employers had a harder clip retaining workers of color.

“Revolving Doors” grounds from the Holocaust Center shows persistence of antisemitic beliefs crossed history
(9:02 - 17:07)

Tomorrow, the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh’s newest grounds “Revolving Doors” volition open. The multimedia installation uses caller acquisitions and artifacts from the center’s collection, including items from the Holocaust and creator responses to the Tree of Life attack.

“We're truly grappling successful this grounds with Jewish assimilation successful the United States and yet the ongoing undercurrent of anti-Semitism, and we spot that arsenic thing that conscionable goes astir and around,” says Lauren Bairnsfather, enforcement manager of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

Bairnsfather explains that this volition beryllium a surviving installation, meaning immoderate pieces of the grounds volition change, offering visitors caller experiences. Starting tomorrow, members of the nationalist volition beryllium capable to docket tours of the exhibit, which is housed astatine Chatham University and volition beryllium unfastened done outpouring of 2024.

For sale: a brace of span piers connected the Monongahela River
(17:14 - 22:30)

In Pittsburgh, you’ll find “for sale” signs connected houses, vacant onshore and commercialized buildings. But arsenic 90.5 WESA’s Katie Blackley reports, a motion precocious went up connected a brace of historical span piers close connected the Monongahela River.

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