Paxos Survey Reveals Surprising Results: 75% of Crypto Holders Positive About the Future Despite Long Crypto Winter

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Despite nan tumultuous events of 2022 successful nan crypto universe, which saw nan illness of giants for illustration FTX and Terra causing mayhem, a caller study conducted by Paxos, a awesome stablecoin issuing platform, shows precocious assurance and optimism among nan crypto community.

What Did nan Survey Reveal?

According to Paxos, nan study was conducted from 5th January to 6th January 2023 to “learn really nan 2022 crypto wintertime and ample manufacture fallouts impacted user behaviour and assurance successful nan crypto ecosystem.” The study saw information from 5,000 people, and nan respondents who were chosen for nan study were residents of nan United States, astatine slightest 18 years old, and pinch a full yearly family income supra $50,000. Another important criterion to beryllium eligible was making astatine slightest 1 crypto acquisition successful nan past 3 years and having an progressive slope account.

Contrary to what 1 whitethorn think, nan study revealed that nan tumultuous events of 2022 did not effect nan affirmative outlook of crypto enthusiasts, and much than 75% showed assurance successful nan early of nan crypto industry. Among nan study takers, 72% were “little aliases not worried astatine all” astir nan immense volatility of nan crypto markets successful 2022. Out of nan 5,000 respondents, 27% made their first crypto acquisition successful 2022.

Another absorbing penetration revealed that almost 89% of study takers person complete religion successful entities for illustration crypto exchanges, costs apps, and banks to clasp their crypto safe for them. This comes arsenic a promising statistic aft nan downfall of elephantine crypto players for illustration Celsius, Genesis, and BlockFi.

In nan study of 2021, 63% expressed that they were “likely aliases very likely” to bargain crypto from their superior slope if fixed a choice. This number has changeable up by 12% to scope 75% successful 2022, showing immense liking successful group wanting financial institutions for illustration banks to go much connected pinch crypto.

The study by Paxos revealed that “Additionally, 45% of respondents reported they would beryllium encouraged to put much successful crypto if location was much mainstream take by banks and different financial institutions”. 52% of nan respondents recovered crypto to beryllium a desirable semipermanent finance arsenic well. The study revealed that an summation successful consciousness and acquisition related to crypto would promote 37% of nan respondents to put more.


Although nan study revealed galore affirmative statistic and showed nan optimistic outlook of crypto enthusiasts, it is pertinent to support successful mind that nan study took spot successful January, and frankincense nan respondents did not witnesser nan BUSD fiasco, which progressive Paxos, on pinch nan astir caller Silvergate slope crisis, and these factors could person resulted successful immoderate alteration successful nan study results.

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