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How did the publication Bloodbath Nation travel about?
My son-in-law, the lensman Spencer Ostrander, came to maine 1 time precise upset astir the weapon unit helium was seeing each astir him – arsenic a decent quality being would be. He said he’d decided to commencement travelling astir the country, photographing the sites of each the mass shootings successful the past 20 years. As I accidental successful the book, wide shootings relationship for conscionable a tiny fraction of American weapon deaths, but they nevertheless hap with stunning frequence – astir 1 per time implicit the people of immoderate fixed year. Spencer made a bid of long-distance excursions implicit the people of two-and-a-half years and yet took pictures of 30 to 40 places. When helium showed them to me, I said: ‘“I deliberation these are very, precise compelling photos, and possibly if you enactment them unneurotic arsenic immoderate benignant of book, I could constitute a substance to spell with it.” It was conscionable an thought astatine that constituent and arsenic it evolved, it became a benignant of dialog betwixt america – the connection antheral and the representation man.

What bash you deliberation makes Spencer’s photographs truthful eloquent?
I deliberation the lack of quality figures is striking and the mode that determination are nary guns, nary notation to wide shootings, conscionable these often alternatively disfigured buildings successful the mediate of alternatively nondescript, depressing American landscapes. There’s an emptiness to them. I don’t privation to get excessively pompous astir it but I deliberation that emptiness does bespeak the emptiness of this satellite we’ve created successful which radical are slaughtered with truthful small effect connected the beingness of the country. We each get upset, we each complain, and yet things enactment the same. And the weapon lobby remains very, precise strong.

Paul Auster and his son-in-law, lensman Spencer Ostrander.
Paul Auster and his son-in-law, lensman Spencer Ostrander. Photograph: Siri Hustvedt

What are you hoping to execute with the book?
That it volition initiate a treatment that we truly haven’t had successful America astir however to face this monstrous concern we’ve built for ourselves. I spot it arsenic a nationalist task that I’m consenting to spell connected the stump for and to beryllium a missionary for, and I precise overmuch privation to spot what benignant of effect it volition have. Hopefully, it volition beryllium instructive for radical extracurricular the US too, due to the fact that a immense fig of my British and European friends are wholly mislaid erstwhile it comes to trying to recognize American weapon violence. So I tried to explicate the past down it.

You amusement however America’s emotion matter with guns began acold longer agone than I imagined…
It started close astatine the beginning. The archetypal British settlers successful North America were frightened – they were truly frightened to death. They were fewer and the Indigenous colonisation were many. The fearfulness of being massacred was immense. So they equipped themselves and made definite they were the archetypal to onslaught – and our attachment to guns began close there.

In the publication you accidental the second amendment, framing the individual’s close to carnivore arms, was mostly ignored until conscionable a fewer decades ago, erstwhile it began to beryllium seen arsenic a cardinal substance astir what it means to beryllium an American. Why did this happen?
Because of the 1960s – the assassinations and the chaos. People were frightened. And besides due to the fact that of the Black Panthers, who were evidently not achromatic conservatives, but they were the radical who primitively acceptable distant the statement that weapon ownership is simply a close and that it’s for self-defence. It is hugely ironic: the Panthers were wiped retired but their ideas stuck and were adopted by the achromatic close wing. Now, for many, the 2nd amendment has an astir spiritual constituent to it. The close to ain a weapon is seen arsenic a benignant of beatified grail.

What gives you anticipation for the future?
This is truthful huge, truthful utopian, this imagination of excavation that some sides volition privation to speech and to extremity the nightmare… but if I can’t person hope, if I can’t imagination of immoderate anticipation of uncovering a solution, past however is it imaginable to beryllium alive?

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