'Oxymoronic' Prince Harry 'can't resist' limelight despite 'visceral hatred' of media - Express

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Prince Harry has repeatedly expressed his "visceral hatred" of the media helium cannot look to enactment retired of the spotlight, according to Camilla Tominey.

11:28, Sun, Jan 15, 2023 | UPDATED: 11:28, Sun, Jan 15, 2023

Prince Harry slams 'campaign' by royals to 'undermine' his book

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Prince Harry has been labelled "remarkably oxymoronic" aft his precise nationalist airing of grievances astir Royal Family successful Spare. Royal adept Camilla Tominey, who has covered the Royal Family for astir 2 decades, noted that for idiosyncratic who "hates" the media, Prince Harry definite spends a batch of clip successful the spotlight.

"You've got this unusual contradiction of a antheral who has a visceral hatred of the media but past intelligibly can't defy being successful the media, which seems remarkably oxymoronic," said Tominey connected The Telegraph's YouTube channel.

However, she noted Spare is simply a immense communicative handed to the media "on a metallic platter" and she suggested speech of the memoir volition apt support Harry and Meghan successful the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

She added: "What makes maine benignant of laugh, arsenic a journalist, is that successful this publication helium is handing to the media - which helium hates - a royal communicative to extremity each royal stories connected a metallic platter.

"You couldn't imagination of much revelations astir the Royal Family than you person successful a publication written by the antheral who is complaining astir the press's grotesque penetration of privateness into the lives of the royals."

Prince Harry.

Prince Harry's behaviour has been branded 'oxymoronic' arsenic helium stays successful the spotlight. (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry and Steven Colbert.

Prince Harry did aggregate interviews up of the merchandise of Spare. (Image: GETTY)

Six debunked claims made by Prince Harry successful Spare arsenic 1 is proven to beryllium wholly untrue

Royal fans person formed uncertainty implicit immoderate of the claims made by Prince Harry successful his caller publication Spare arsenic 1 allegation is proven to beryllium wholly untrue.

From claiming that his stepmother Queen Camilla leaked stories astir their archetypal meetings to inaccurate dates, immoderate of the allegations are being enactment nether the microscope.

Find retired much HERE.

"Well he's invaded loads of people's privateness here, seemingly without immoderate permission," she claimed.

The Palace has, truthful far, not responded to immoderate of the allegations successful Spare and Tominey notes that they volition apt ne'er beryllium successful a presumption to bash so.

She argued that King Charles III, Camilla, William and Kate would ne'er beryllium capable to bash an Oprah Winfrey oregon Stephen Colbert interrogation to contiguous their "alternative narrative".

Tominey added: "Anyone whose been covering this for the months and years since Meghan came connected the country and Megxit happened knows recollections whitethorn vary."

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Meghan and Harry.

Spare is apt to guarantee Harry and Meghan enactment successful the headlines for the foreseeable future. (Image: GETTY)

Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton and Prince William seen performing royal duties arsenic mean aft Spare's release. (Image: GETTY)

Despite assorted allegations successful Spare, from claiming Camilla "sacrificed maine connected her idiosyncratic PR alter" to alleging that Prince William "knocked" Harry to the crushed during an argument, Prince Harry maintains that helium wishes to reconcile with his family.

He told ITV's Tom Bradby: "I privation reconciliation, but archetypal determination needs to beryllium immoderate accountability."

However, it's "unlikely" Harry volition person immoderate benignant of apology from the Palace, according to Ms Tominey. Senior royals person been spotted retired and astir performing their duties arsenic mean pursuing the book's publication.

Spare deed the shelves connected January 10 and broke the grounds for the fastest-selling non-fiction book. It sold 1.43 cardinal copies connected the archetypal day.

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