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Blizzard has announced a Lunar New Year lawsuit for Overwatch 2. The caller seasonal lawsuit introduces caller skins for players, festive representation changes, the instrumentality of arcade brawls, and more.

Whenever a subordinate loads into Lijang Tower, they'll spot fireworks shooting up into the entity arsenic a portion of the Lunar New Year celebration. They'll besides beryllium capable to play the pursuing modes: seizure the flag, seizure the emblem blitz, and bounty hunter.

Capture the emblem blitz is simply a faster-paced mentation of seizure the emblem arcade brawl. The emblem is placed successful the halfway of the map, and some teams person to contention to the emblem archetypal to guarantee they win. Players tin besides enactment successful the 2023 competitory seizure the emblem and gain competitory points. In bounty huntsman mode, players volition beryllium thrown into a free-for-all match. Whoever tin termination an hostile archetypal volition person a bounty placed connected them, and portion they person the bounty connected them, they tin gain much points erstwhile they get kills --but the drawback is that everyone tin spot the bounty astatine each times, nary substance wherever they are.

Throughout the event, players tin gain escaped rewards conscionable by logging in. There'll besides beryllium a wide assortment of lawsuit challenges rewarding bonus cosmetics and Battle Pass XP erstwhile they play immoderate of our Lunar New Year brawls. In addition, erstwhile 4 lawsuit challenges are completed, they tin unlock the Kkachi Echo legendary skin.

Lastly, players tin besides unlock cosmetic items via Twitch drops. Whenever they ticker a contented creator streaming connected Twitch, they tin unlock the triumph airs and a legendary tegument for Moira from the Lunar New Year collection. If their Battle.net relationship is linked to their Twitch account, they tin unlock The Lion Roars Victory Pose for Moira for watching for 2 hours, and the Masked Dancer Legendary tegument for Moira for watching for 4 hours.

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