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The Nintendo GameCube was a console chiefly targeted astatine younger gamers, and yet 1 of the champion fearfulness games of each clip lone exists connected it.

Horror games had a renaissance successful the aboriginal 2000s. Titles similar Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4, and galore others would beryllium giving gamers waking nightmares for weeks connected extremity arsenic they soaked up the horrors enactment earlier them connected their screens. In betwixt each these juggernauts of the genre, a smaller institution named Silicon Knights created Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

As a game, Eternal Darkness was incredibly unique, with its aggregate narratives, acheronian atmosphere, and absorbing mechanics specifically made to marque players consciousness uncomfortable and support them connected the borderline of their seats. This terrific title, however, isn't often talked astir erstwhile gamers bring up nostalgic fearfulness games. One of the main reasons for this is that the crippled released exclusively connected the Nintendo GameCube.

Being connected GameCube Didn't Do Eternal Darkness Any Favors

The Power of the Occult strikes successful Eternal Darkness.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is simply a fearfulness crippled with intertwining narratives featuring the galore protagonists brought into interaction with the Tome of Eternal Darkness, an eldritch artifact that records the magic and cognition of its erstwhile owners regarding their interaction with The Ancients. The astir caller proprietor of this publication is Alexandra Roivas, whose household has agelong been touched by this past power. After the decease of her grandfather, she uses the publication to cod accusation and spells, unlocking the secrets of her household location and speechmaking astir the histories of the erstwhile owners of the book. The crippled takes players passim galore humanities clip periods successful respective antithetic locations each successful the pursuit of the aforesaid extremity of defeating The Ancients.

Along with Silent Hill 2, Eternal Darkness was 1 of the earliest intelligence fearfulness games and 1 of the archetypal to usage the now-often-implemented sanity meter. As the metre drops, the protagonist would acquisition hallucinations. Some of them would impact gameplay, turning down the volume, proclaiming that prevention files person been permanently erased, messing with the interface, and overmuch more. The crippled was 1 of the archetypal to interact straight with the subordinate alternatively than conscionable the characters wrong it, making for rather the unsocial experience. Boasting each of this, it is hard to ideate wherefore Eternal Darkness doesn't get arsenic overmuch designation arsenic it deserves. Much of this tin beryllium attributed to being published exclusively for the GameCube.

The crippled was primitively expected to beryllium released for the Nintendo 64 but was moved to the GameCube aboriginal successful its development. It was besides the archetypal M-Rated crippled to beryllium published by Nintendo. The precocious '90s and aboriginal 2000s were an absorbing clip for the company, competing with Sony and Microsoft to summation backmost older gamers arsenic Nintendo's family-friendly representation reflected its consoles arsenic being for kids. Eternal Darkness was 1 of the games meant to stress that the institution had mature titles too. Compared to different mature games playable connected the GameCube, similar Killer7 and Soul Calibur II, Eternal Darkness was a captious deed but a fiscal flop that sold little than fractional a cardinal copies worldwide. It's not hard to gully the decision that the crippled could person been overmuch much palmy connected different console.

Eternal Darkness Has an Undeniable Legacy


Eternal Darkness is simply a crippled that, contempt its commercialized underperformance, captured the hearts and minds of gamers who did play it. Its unsocial gameplay and acheronian ambiance would spell connected to animate different fearfulness games. This tin besides beryllium considered the beginnings of the cosmic fearfulness genre successful gaming with Call of Cthulhu and Amnesia: The Dark Descent on the horizon, some of which besides implemented the coveted sanity meter. There person been attempts successful caller years astatine a remake, but owed to ineligible issues, that doesn't look to beryllium happening anytime soon.

Still, 1 can't assistance but wonderment what could person happened had the crippled been released connected the PlayStation oregon PC. It precise good mightiness person garnered a wider audience. For now, Eternal Darkness remains a fascinating and important portion of gaming history, inspiring fearfulness games to this day, adjacent though fewer person played it.

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