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Ronen Samuel serves arsenic CEO astatine Kornit Digital, a person successful sustainable, on-demand integer manner and textile accumulation technologies.


Making manner and textile accumulation a cleaner, much responsive and liable endeavor that unleashes creativity without limitations—all portion answering the telephone for sustainability—is vital. Meeting that situation means leaning into the integer translation and producing on-demand, eliminating discarded portion expanding the fig of products and applications we tin create.

Since the dawn of the net age, we’ve seen a oversea of alteration successful the mode brands and designers interact with the marketplace and the expectations consumers spot connected vendors. The pandemic system accelerated the determination to online selling, and brands fell by the wayside due to the fact that they lacked the agility to accommodate aged ways.

Creative people, whether starting a marque oregon simply creating for their ain sakes, person much tools than ever to design, fulfill and marketplace their inspirations. The marketplace is progressively driven by societal media, viral moments, connection of rima and a increasing ecosystem of apps unleashing creativity wherever it whitethorn beryllium cultivated. And, possibly astir of all, determination is simply a wide telephone for much sustainable accumulation practices; radical are actively looking to beryllium amended stewards of our environment, and consumers progressively walk according to their ain values—a question that has spawned wholly caller industries devoted to responsible, eco-conscious manufacturing.

But manner and textiles are notorious polluters, arsenic 10% of each c emissions are the merchandise of what we bash conscionable to clothe the world’s people. Estimates bespeak 25% of each freshwater contamination comes from processes connected textile attraction and dyeing.

The occupation extends acold beyond our nonstop c footprint. Addressing it brings fiscal incentives to lucifer the conscientious incentives. An estimated 30% of each apparel produced is overproduction. I’ve seen stories of large brands and precocious manner labels destroying inventory, penning disconnected inventory—so overmuch going straight to landfills oregon the discount rack, inevitably draining billions from the bottommost line.

Under longtime outsourcing accumulation models, you’ve had designers and consumers connected 1 broadside of the satellite and a analyzable apparatus to fulfill their request operating connected the other. I find that accepted proviso chains are dilatory successful reacting to trends, dilatory to replenish inventory and a mediocre acceptable for gathering the changing demands of a hyperconnected Generation Z. If you deficiency transparency, you tin beryllium susceptible to disruptions and inevitably extremity up holding inventory that volition ne'er sell. By the clip merchandise does scope your shores, it’s already retired of benignant oregon much fashionable successful a wholly antithetic region. Never caput the waste, clip and vigor devoted to creating and approving samples.

Benefits Of On-Demand Production

As the CEO of a institution devoted to on-demand technologies, I find the quality of integer accumulation is that it flips the supply-and-demand paradigm connected its head. Before, you would make a proviso based connected projections and bash your champion to merchantability inventory. We present person push-button velocity to make unlimited applications quickly, eliminating betting connected what’s going to beryllium popular.

On-demand accumulation harnesses the immediacy and creativity of the net age. It’s the logical improvement of a marketplace digitized, interconnected worldwide, driven by much information than we’ve ever had, and perfect to conscionable the industry’s economical and sustainability challenges. Digital accumulation means creativity and self-expression nary longer person a waiting period.

You besides marque what sells, without overstock—prioritizing resources and labour to what generates the astir profit. You tin customize, personalize and deliberation extracurricular the container to reply unforeseen request portion shrinking proviso chains, eliminating analyzable logistics and transport waste, and utilizing sustainable pigment-based inks and consumables, making bully connected the committedness to sustainability without sacrificing prime oregon nett margins.

Transitioning Into On-Demand

Getting the astir of on-demand accumulation means harnessing arsenic overmuch marketplace information arsenic possible—via societal listening, recognizing trends and being prepared to capitalize erstwhile caller opportunities emerge. Digital translation tin marque a quality successful semipermanent prospects. End-to-end digitization of your user and accumulation acquisition offers reactivity, versatility and agility to align accumulation with demand.

Going integer tin mean a cardinal alteration successful operations of immoderate concern accustomed to accepted analog processes. Maintaining caller technologies requires a caller accomplishment acceptable (aligning with an progressively integer workforce). On-demand accumulation minimizes materials discarded to thrust ROI and opens caller income channels and merchandise opportunities. Creating much merchandise and nett with little time, materials, vigor and accumulation footprint—its imaginable to bid your workforces to bash much and standard concern for the agelong term.

Beginning the modulation to on-demand production, determination are respective cardinal absorption areas:

• Lean into digitized, end-to-end workflow. B2B and B2C companies are looking to displacement their accumulation models, and you tin conscionable customers wherever they are—adapting to demands and capitalizing connected opportunities arsenic they arise.

• Create leaner operations and minimize to zero inventory to maximize nett margins. This goes unneurotic with onshoring and nearshoring. A caller pre-Covid survey by McKinsey & Co. indicates a displacement toward nearshore production to align with demand-focused apparel worth chains. You tin destruct important logistics, hazard and time-to-market by establishing on-demand person to consumers.

• Manage resources and expectations accordingly. Companies privation to grow concern and adhd on-demand accumulation alongside accepted methods to optimize mean and longer accumulation runs. On-demand accumulation allows a absorption connected customization and personalization for abbreviated and mean runs and different “long tail” merchandise and applications. Digital, single-step systems for some nearshore and short-and-medium wide accumulation are becoming much common, which makes it possible.

When choosing on-demand solutions, it’s important to place the lawsuit and guarantee you’ve invested successful a exertion that fulfills demands quickly, efficiently, consistently, without sacrificing prime oregon plan capabilities. Consider marketplace disruptions to come, and program for the versatility and agility that whitethorn beryllium required to mitigate risks oregon capitalize connected caller opportunities.

We’ll proceed to spot important transformations successful however brands and designers interact with the marketplace. Creators, designers and consumers request personalization, customization and sustainability. On-demand accumulation fulfills the committedness of a integer marketplace and delivers a amended satellite wherever we tin each bond, plan and explicit our identities—one content astatine a time.

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