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The RTX 4060 Ti could devour little powerfulness than predecessor

According to hardware leaker Kopite7kimi, the institution has changed the TDP specs for its upcoming mid-range GPU.

The GeForce RTX 4060 Ti is to beryllium the archetypal desktop paper to diagnostic an AD106 GPU. The paper reportedly features 4352 CUDA cores, and it is astir apt to beryllium equipped with 8GB GDDR6 memory. This would besides beryllium the archetypal desktop paper from this procreation not to usage GDDR6X technology.

Kopite’s specs from past period person supposedly been updated. For each we cognize is that the TDP has changed from 220W to conscionable 160W. That’s a important powerfulness simplification for sure, to the constituent wherever the successor volition devour not 20W much but 40W little power, arsenic it is present claimed.

NVIDIA is present acceptable to motorboat its archetypal mobile RTX 40 graphics cards connected February 8th. One of the paper launching connected this time is RTX 4070 Laptop GPU, which is reportedly utilizing GN21-X6 GPU besides known arsenic AD106. This would suggest that NVIDIA already has the GPU ready, and thing should halt them from releasing it to the desktop marketplace arsenic well. Nothing but the existing banal of RTX 3060 series.

As agelong arsenic rumored specs are considered, the RTX 4060 Ti would person less cores and fractional of the representation bus. It is not unclear however would this impact performance, but the bandwidth volition beryllium heavy reduced to conscionable 288 GB/s (RTX 3060 Ti has 608 oregon 448 GB/s depending connected SKU).

The RTX 4070 non-Ti and RTX 4060 Ti are some expected successful precocious Q1 2023 oregon aboriginal Q2. These cards volition yet bring Ada Lovelace architecture to little terms points, which this architecture desperately needs.

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Ada (TSMC 4N)Ada (TSMC 4N)Ada (TSMC 4N)Ampere (SAMSUNG 8N)





2.6 GHz


1.67 GHz

12 GB G6X

12 GB G6X

8 GB G6

8 GB G6 oregon G6X





504 GB/s

504 GB/s

288 GB/s

448 oregon 608GB/s





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