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Dive Brief:

  • Nordstrom has launched a “Stylist Ambassador” program, enlisting store stylists from each of its apical 20 markets, which see cities successful the U.S. and Canada.

  • The stylists volition enactment arsenic influencers, helping to “bring the Nordstrom acquisition to beingness successful a assortment of ways including societal media, events,” media opportunities and different channels, according to a institution blog post.

  • Nordstrom’s apical 20 markets are Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Dallas; San Francisco; Boston; Philadelphia; Seattle; Toronto; Washington, D.C. (including Baltimore); Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Denver; Detroit; Houston; Miami; Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; San Diego and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dive Insight:

Last year, Nordstrom yet ended its long-struggling Trunk Club apparel subscription, a work akin to Stitch Fix wherever customers would motion up to person a container of covering curated by a combination of algorithms and quality stylists. But adjacent then, CEO Erik Nordstrom said the retailer would expand its styling services to see much virtual touchpoints.

Nordstrom sought to marque wide that the retailer is alert of however overmuch stylists tin power a sale. Customers engaging with a stylist, online oregon successful a store, walk 7 times much and study higher levels of satisfaction, helium told analysts successful May. As a result, the institution is investing successful styling, ranging from what Nordstrom called “low-touch outfit inspiration done our integer channels to a high-touch and personalized narration with a stylist.”

That debased interaction tin nevertheless beryllium powerful, according to Deb Gabor, CEO and laminitis of Sol Marketing. She praised the diverseness of the archetypal radical of stylists, arsenic seen successful a video provided by Nordstrom, and said the run wide fits with her proposal that retailers and brands bring “authentic quality connections to a lawsuit experience.”

“The combined attack of personalization and localization enables consumers to instrumentality vantage of a precocious grade of market-level cognition and mightiness empower shoppers to deepen their relationships with Nordstrom, powered by existent humans,” Gabor said by email. “Nordstrom tin widen its marque worth done interpersonal relationships. This represents a caller 360-degree attack to giving customers entree to Nordstrom when, how, and wherever they want.”

The institution volition take a caller radical of stylists each year, “and our anticipation is that this programme helps them proceed to turn their concern and grow their styling expertise,” Nordstrom said successful its blog post. 

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