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In the caller past, the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has accrued a lot. Many marque usage of AI to make a assortment of things. Among these, respective person started utilizing AI to make futuristic images that springiness america a glimpse of thing that we whitethorn person ne'er imagined before. Recently, Nigerian filmmaker Malik Afegbua produced images utilizing artificial quality to correspond what aged radical connected the manner runway would like, and radical is loving it.

In the pictures that helium uploaded connected his Instagram page, you tin spot older African individuals wearing stylish covering to bash ramp walks. The AI images amusement them dressed successful modern covering that has accepted patterns. In the post's caption, the filmmaker wrote, "Fashion amusement for the seniors."

Take a look astatine the pictures here:

These pictures were uploaded a fewer weeks back. Since being uploaded, it has been liked 44,000 times and has had respective reactions.

Take a look astatine immoderate comments here:

One idiosyncratic successful the Instagram comments said, "This is implicit excellence Malik. Doesn't substance if it is AI generated; this shows what the anticipation looks like. And it's amazing." A 2nd idiosyncratic said, "I emotion this! Séniors person to beryllium kept a portion of our mundane lives. Life is not over… they tin inactive beryllium fresh." A 3rd idiosyncratic added, "You bought goosebumps connected me. So typical of our African culture. Lovely faces. Standing ovation. "

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