NewJeans Debuts On Billboard's Hot 100, Making Them 4th And Fastest K-Pop Girl Group Ever To Do So - soompi

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NewJeans has conscionable made Billboard history!

On January 17 section time, Billboard announced that NewJeans’ deed azygous “Ditto” had debuted astatine No. 96 connected the Hot 100 (its play ranking of the astir fashionable songs successful the United States), marking the group’s first-ever introduction connected the chart.

With this achievement, NewJeans has go lone the 4th K-pop miss radical successful past to participate the Hot 100, pursuing Wonder Girls, BLACKPINK, and TWICE—and lone the 5th K-pop radical wide (with the summation of BTS).

Furthermore, having debuted little than six months ago, they are present besides the fastest K-pop radical ever to participate the chart.

Congratulations to NewJeans connected their historical feat!

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