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Gary Neville insists Liverpool are enduring the benignant of 'dip' that adjacent Sir Alex Ferguson suffered successful his premier - and insists 'unbelievable' Jurgen Klopp tin alteration the nine if he's fixed £250m to spend

  • Gary Neville has likened Liverpool's 'dip' successful signifier to times successful his Man United days 
  • Jurgen Klopp's broadside fell to their sixth league decision of the twelvemonth against Brighton
  • The ex-defender says helium went done akin situations nether Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Neville said the 'unbelievable' manager tin alteration the nine with much funds

By James Cohen For Mailonline

Published: 10:53 EST, 16 January 2023 | Updated: 11:14 EST, 16 January 2023

Gary Neville has likened Liverpool's 'dip' successful signifier to situations helium went done during his playing vocation astatine Manchester United.

Jurgen Klopp's problems went from atrocious to worse arsenic his broadside were beaten 3-0 by Brighton connected Saturday afternoon, with Solly March and Danny Welbeck combining for the Seagulls.

The effect leaves the Merseyside nine successful ninth spot - conscionable successful the table's top-half - and, aft the game, Neville was speedy to supply an appraisal connected their struggling form.

Jurgen Klopp watched connected arsenic his broadside fell to their sixth league decision of the twelvemonth astatine Brighton

After the match, Gary Neville claimed that Klopp indispensable 'regroup' his Liverpool players

Speaking connected the Gary Neville Podcast, Neville was asked whether helium thinks Klopp has asked for 'too overmuch effort' from his aging Liverpool side. Neville said: 'I don't cognize astir that. 

'Manchester United, I was determination for 20 years nether a manager who demanded that effort each time and determination was a radical of players that were determination for 10 oregon 15 years.

'Yeah, determination was the unusual play of a dip - and that could beryllium this - but it's stark sometimes to spot it due to the fact that you ticker them and they're a messiness astatine the back, they're each implicit the place. You look similar you tin people a extremity against them connected each attack.'

Klopp's broadside are without a triumph successful the erstwhile 3 fixtures. Prior to decision astatine the Amex, Liverpool mislaid 3-1 to Brentford and drew 1-1 with Wolves successful the FA Cup. 

The effect has near the Reds successful ninth spot successful the league table. Comparatively, Neville - nether the guise of Sir Alex Ferguson - lone finished extracurricular the league's apical 2 spots connected 3 occasions retired of 21 seasons successful the top-flight.

The Reds person mislaid 4 much games this run than successful the entirety of past year's 

Neville (R) spent his vocation playing astatine Man United nether the absorption of Sir Alex Ferguson

Neville went connected to suggest Klopp should stay successful complaint astatine Anfield and backed the 'unbelievable' manager to alteration Liverpool's fortunes this season.

'They are going to person to regroup, I deliberation Jurgen Klopp volition regroup. He's not the benignant to shirk it, Jurgen Klopp, he's a monolithic character,' Neville explained.

'I deliberation he's enactment successful an unbelievable managerial performance, adjacent oregon amended than Pep Guardiola has successful these five, six, 7 years, I truly do. 

'And they've got caller owners coming in. They person spent wealth but, you would imagine, if Jurgen Klopp is fixed the wealth that Chelsea person fixed their manager [he would usage it well].

'If Jurgen Klopp tin get that level of wealth - that £200m to £250m - from caller owners and if helium spends it arsenic wisely arsenic helium has done successful the past six oregon 7 years, past he's going to beryllium empowered adjacent play to spell and alteration that team.'

Neville insists Klopp (L) has done an adjacent occupation successful England to that of rival Pep Guardiola (R)

The erstwhile United defender finished by providing reassurances implicit Klopp's quality and claims that this provides the accidental of a 'new beginning' for the German.

'I don't spot him reasoning this volition beryllium the end, I deliberation helium volition beryllium seeing this arsenic a caller beginning. 

'I deliberation due to the fact that of the recognition he's built up, you aren't going to instrumentality the footwear into Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool players. 

'Yeah you are going to beryllium captious of them, they are defending truly poorly, they are excessively casual to play against, they're mediocre successful midfield.'