Netflix Cancels ‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ Adaptation After Two Years in Development (EXCLUSIVE) - Variety

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Netflix has canceled its planned adaptation of Stuart Turton’s prize-winning caller “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.”

The task had been connected the first improvement slate from Netflix VP of contented for the U.K., Anne Mensah, for much than 2 years, but sources bespeak that it ne'er made it into production.

Author Turton archetypal revealed the U-turn by the streamer connected Jan. 12 successful a now-deleted tweet. “Alright pals, I travel bearing atrocious news,” helium wrote. “Netflix has canned its plans to marque a telly adaptation of ‘Seven Deaths.’ Sad news, but thems the breaks. We’re looking for different location for it, but the absorption astatine the infinitesimal is making definite it’s fucking superb erstwhile it does arrive.”

Netflix archetypal announced the adaptation successful December 2020 arsenic portion of a slate of 7 section originals that included the Rowan Atkinson-starring drama “Man vs Bee.” Sophie Petzal, an up-and-coming screenwriter who won acclaim for Channel 5’s “Blood,” was acceptable to constitute the screenplay and enforcement nutrient alongside House Productions’ Juliette Howell and Tessa Ross.

The show’s logline describes “Seven Lives” arsenic a “high-concept execution enigma acceptable during a play enactment astatine a crumbling mansion where the narrator must repetition the aforesaid time implicit and implicit again until helium tin place the slayer of the beauteous young heiress, Evelyn Hardcastle, and interruption the cycle.”

Turton’s book, which was archetypal published successful 2018, won the Costa First Novel Award and the Books Are My Bag Readers Award for Fiction. It was besides shortlisted for the British Book Awards Debut of the Year.

BBC Studios-owned House Productions were acceptable to nutrient aft acquiring TV rights to the publication successful 2018. Variety understands the institution is present buying the task to different streaming partners, and that a caller woody could beryllium successful the works.

Interestingly, of the 7 projects successful that archetypal Netflix U.K. originals slate, lone 4 were officially greenlit: Edinburgh Fringe play-turned-series “Baby Reindeer,” YA play “Half Bad,” supernatural action-adventure play “Lockwood & Co.” and drama “Man vs. Bee.” However, Sally Green’s “Half Bad” caller trilogy, which was adapted by “Giri/Haji” creator Joe Barton and debuted past twelvemonth nether the rubric “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself,” was canceled successful December. The streamer hasn’t yet renewed “Man vs. Bee” for Season 2.

Meanwhile, the streamer has pulled retired of the remaining 3 titles, which see “Seven Lives” arsenic good arsenic fearfulness bid “Cuckoo Song” and shot drama “The Red Zone.”

Outside of this slate, Netflix has moved up connected different U.K. originals. Shows that were commissioned earlier the aforementioned shows and came to fruition see further seasons of “Top Boy,” “After Life” and “Anatomy of a Scandal,” arsenic good arsenic stalwarts specified arsenic “The Crown” and “Sex Education.” Other British originals that person since landed connected the streamer see the wildly fashionable “Heartstopper” and “Stay Close.”

Nevertheless, the deed complaint of that archetypal U.K. originals slate reveals the challenging clime for archetypal programming crossed SVODs — adjacent aft lengthy periods of development. Netflix is among a fig of streamers that person taken an axe to their slates arsenic the scenery for video connected demand recalibrates pursuing slowdowns successful subscriber growth.

House Productions and Netflix declined to remark for this story.

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