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You oregon your enactment volition person to wage other for immoderate Microsoft Teams features soon. Microsoft is moving features similar unrecorded translated captions to its caller premium tier of the video gathering service, called Teams Premium, coming successful February.

Microsoft writes successful its Teams licensing agreement that the pursuing Teams features volition determination to Teams Premium:

  • Live translated captions.
  • Timeline markers successful Teams gathering recordings for erstwhile a idiosyncratic leaves oregon joins meetings.
  • Custom enactment Together Mode scenes.
  • Virtual Appointments: SMS notifications.
  • Virtual Appointments: Organizational analytics successful the Teams admin center.
  • Virtual Appointments: Scheduled queue view.

Teams subscribers won't instantly suffer entree to these features, though. Microsoft writes that determination volition beryllium a 30-day grace play aft Teams Premium is made disposable to the nationalist for radical to acquisition the service's caller tier. After the grace period, lone Teams Premium subscribers volition person entree to the features listed above.

Microsoft antecedently announced that starting successful December, organizations could effort a 30-day escaped proceedings of Teams Premium. As portion of the escaped trial, Microsoft gives organizations 25 licenses to delegate to users. Once the proceedings play ends, those licenses halt functioning.

Microsoft said online that Teams Premium volition motorboat successful February, but it didn't springiness an nonstop date. Microsoft besides said it expects Teams Premium to outgo $10 per illustration monthly.

For more, cheque retired the caller Microsoft 365 tier oregon ways to get Microsoft 365 for free.

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