Metroid Prime Remastered pre-order guide

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Nintendo launched nan beingness type of Metroid Prime Remastered connected Feb. 22, astir 2 weeks aft it surprise-launched nan integer type connected Feb. 8. However, if you didn’t pre-order nan cartridge-based game, you’re astir apt having a reliable clip uncovering it successful banal correct now. It sold retired astatine aggregate retailers during its pre-order shape (even Nintendo itself quickly sold done its first stock).

In nan days pursuing its launch, nan beingness type has popped in-and-out of banal astatine various retailers, and copies are trading for two-times aliases much its original $39.99 unit costs connected eBay.

While tempting, you should clasp disconnected connected spending much than nan unit cost, arsenic Nintendo plans to push retired much stock. Nintendo of America told Polygon successful a connection “If nan Metroid Prime Remastered crippled sells retired astatine various unit locations successful nan U.S., we will activity to supply much units arsenic soon arsenic possible.”

If you’re aft a beingness transcript of Metroid Prime Remastered that won’t costs you much than its unit price, I propose regularly visiting nan links beneath to spot if banal has returned. We’ll effort our champion to support this page up to day pinch nan latest stocking information.

On nan different hand, downloading a integer transcript of nan crippled is simple. Either caput to nan eShop straight done your Switch console, aliases if it’s much convenient, snag a integer codification for nan crippled done Humble Bundle for nan aforesaid price.

Update (Feb. 27): Updated to bespeak that nan beingness type has been released, but that it’s very difficult to find successful stock. Nintendo provided a connection to Polygon claiming that it will supply much banal of nan crippled if it sells out.