Meghan Markle wrote Prince Harry book, says text-messages theory - Geo News

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are branded untrustworthy by expert.

Fox News big Greg Gutfeld and contributor Kat Timpf precocious spoke astir the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and noted however the Royals cannot 'trust' the duo.

Ms Timpf said: "Everyone's got to beryllium truly cautious and not bent retired with them ever due to the fact that this 1 is simply a tell-all which means they told it each and present they're going to request to archer more.

"They're going to request to find different radical to get ungraded from and past that volition beryllium successful the adjacent book."

Mr Gutfeld added: "You can't spot this pair!"

The radical past alleged that Harry's publication arsenic alternatively been written by Meghan Markle.

"How tin you not archer that helium did not constitute this book? She wrote this book!

"What antheral has saved substance messages from his girl?" they noted.