Judge looks to punish Jan. 6 defense attorneys for delaying suspect's trial

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A national judge successful Washington is threatening to study 2 attorneys for imaginable disciplinary action for delaying nan proceedings of a man waiting successful jailhouse connected charges that he assaulted constabulary officers during nan Capitol riot.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, questioned successful tribunal papers revenge Thursday whether lawyer Joseph McBride was being sincere erstwhile he said past summertime that he needed to push Christopher Quaglin's October trial; McBride said he has chronic Lyme illness and curen and betterment would return 2 to 3 months.

At nan aforesaid time, nan judge noted that McBride — who represents respective Jan. 6 defendants — continued to do media interviews and said successful October to a Republican region committee astir his conflict for nan "January 6 governmental prisoners." In November, McBride tweeted a image of himself connected nan formation astatine Trump's Mar-a-Lago edifice and different photograph wrong Trump's 2024 run announcement party, McFadden wrote.


"While lawyers—like each citizens—are entitled to speak freely, these nationalist representations by McBride telephone into mobility nan genuineness of his request for a aesculapian continuance because of his inability to correspond Quaglin past October," McFadden wrote.

McFadden ordered McBride — who has since withdrawn from Quaglin's lawsuit — and different lawyer for Quaglin, Jonathan Gross, to record a consequence by April 10 arsenic to why nan judge should not mention them to nan court's committee connected grievances, which investigates complaints against attorneys. The judge group a proceeding for April 18.

In consequence to a journalist's tweet astir nan judge's order, McBride tweeted: "EVERYONE SHOULD SHOW UP FOR THIS TO HEAR THE TRUTH. LET’S GOOOOO!"

McBride withdrew from Quaglin's lawsuit earlier this period — conscionable weeks earlier nan man's caller April proceedings day — because McBride said he needed to attraction connected different Jan. 6 lawsuit headed to proceedings astatine nan extremity of March. McBride told nan judge that Gross would return complete Quaglin's case, saying nan move wouldn't prejudice nan suspect and that nan different lawyer "knows Quaglin’s lawsuit well."

Soon aft taking complete nan case, however, Gross told McFadden he planned to inquire for nan proceedings to beryllium pushed again. McFadden wrote that Gross told nan judge "that he does not believe criminal rule and that he is not competent" to beryllium Quaglin's lead lawyer astatine proceedings successful conscionable a fewer weeks.

Defense lawyer Joseph McBride, who has represented respective Jan. 6 protestors successful court, came nether occurrence for an allegedly insincere petition to hold a defendant's trial.

Defense lawyer Joseph McBride, who has represented respective Jan. 6 protestors successful court, came nether occurrence for an allegedly insincere petition to hold a defendant's trial. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

"Quaglin’s attorneys person now delayed this proceedings aggregate times to nan detriment of their client, who remains detained, and to nan inconvenience of his co-defendants and nan Government who activity a speedy solution to this matter," McFadden wrote. "Indeed, nan Court has doubts that McBride’s first continuance petition was made successful bully faith."

McBride said successful a matter connection Friday that he denies nan "insinuations" successful McFadden's bid astir his representations to nan tribunal astir his aesculapian information and continuance requests. McBride said he will respond to nan tribunal and looks guardant to "displaying nan truth and achieving a favorable resolution."

McBride besides said his customer believed nan judge had truthful overmuch individual animus toward McBride that Quaglin didn’t deliberation he could get a adjacent trial.

"As such, Mr. Quaglin asked maine to measurement speech and thief Mr. Gross return complete nan lawsuit — which is precisely what I did," McBride wrote.

Gross did not instantly respond to an email seeking comment.

Quaglin is being held astatine nan D.C. jail, wherever Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, has said she and others connected nan Committee connected Oversight and Accountability will sojourn Friday arsenic immoderate conservatives proceed to effort to represent Jan. 6 defendants arsenic "political prisoners."


Of nan 20 Jan. 6 defendants held successful D.C. arsenic of earlier this month, 17 were accused of assaulting officers astatine nan Capitol, according to Just Security blog, which obtained a caller D.C. Department of Correction list. Six of nan defendants person pleaded blameworthy to assaulting, resisting aliases impeding officers and 2 others person been convicted astatine trial.

A spokesperson for nan D.C. jailhouse didn't instantly respond to a petition Friday from The Associated Press for an updated database of Jan. 6 defendants locked up there.

Quaglin, of North Brunswick, New Jersey, is accused of attacking respective constabulary officers trying to protect nan Capitol from nan angry pro-Trump mob that halted Congress' certification of President Joe Biden's victory.


Authorities opportunity Quaglin attacked officers pinch a stolen riot shield and sprayed them pinch a chemic irritant. He faces charges including assaulting an serviceman utilizing a vulnerable weapon.