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Medals to beryllium awarded astatine this summer’s North American Indigenous Games successful Nova Scotia volition showcase Mi’kmaq art, including a accepted eight-pointed star.

Organizers revealed the plan contiguous and said Indigenous athletes from crossed the continent volition instrumentality location astir 3,000 gold, metallic and bronze medals from the sporting competitions acceptable for July.

The plan besides includes a awesome that represents the connection “L’nu,” which Mi’kmaq usage to picture themselves, and features taste drawings and etchings meant to correspond what happens erstwhile radical travel their dreams.

The ribbon the medals volition bent from features the logo of the Games and the Mi’kmaq word, “Kjipuktuk,” which means “Great Harbour.”

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The medals were designed by pupil Ella Scothorn, from the assemblage of Hardwoodlands, and finalized by Mi’kmaq creator Tayla Fern Paul.

George (Tex) Marshall, president of the Games, says the plan captures the tone of the Games and of the big Mi’kmaq people.

Scothorn, who created the archetypal medal plan successful Grade 6 and is present successful Grade 9, says she is arrogant to spot her drawings reproduced connected the medals, particularly the eight-pointed prima representing the territory wherever competitors volition gather.

“I was inspired by the Mi’kmaq prima and its value wrong Indigenous culture,” she said successful a property release.

This study by The Canadian Press was archetypal published Jan. 17, 2023.

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