Marathon Digital breaks ties with Silvergate, ends credit line to increase liquidity

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Marathon Digital Operations

Marathon Digital (MARA) has declared nan discontinuance of its in installments accommodation pinch Silvergate Bank to thrust its indebtedness down by $50 million. Marathon took nan measurement to springiness a boost to its liquidity by freeing up nan collateral of 3,132 BTC kept pinch nan bank. Silvergate Bank initiates its winding down aft failing business owed to FTX collapse.

After nan exodus of Paxos and Coinbase, nan troubled Silvergate slope bids adieu to Marathon Digital, a awesome bitcoin mining company, arsenic Marathon prepays its outstanding indebtedness and puts an extremity to its in installments installation pinch nan slope to summation its liquidity.

Why has nan business ended?

On 8 March 2023, nan second-largest NASDAQ-listed holder of Bitcoin, Marathon Digital, announced nan prepayment of its indebtedness and declared nan extremity of its indebtedness installation pinch Silvergate. The news came a fewer minutes aft Silvergate Capital Corporation, nan holding institution of Silvergate bank, announced nan liquidation and shutdown of nan slope “in ray of caller manufacture and regulatory developments.”

Although Mr. Charlie Schumacher, nan firm’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, cleared retired nan aerial regarding nan coincidence of nan timing of nan 2 announcements and said that nan move towards ending nan in installments installation pinch Silvergate was portion of nan firm’s semipermanent financial strategy and had thing to do pinch nan caller hardships being faced by Silvergate owed to nan FTX fiasco. Marathon had already served a announcement play of 30 days regarding nan termination, opening successful February.

In nan study published connected 2 March, Marathon declared that according to its latest operations report, nan patient has unrestricted assets worthy astir $410 cardinal which comprised Bitcoin and rate reserves. The caller move would springiness a awesome boost to Marathon’s liquidity numbers arsenic nan termination of nan narration pinch Silvergate has resulted successful nan merchandise of 3,132 Bitcoin kept arsenic collateral pinch nan bank. It would besides trim down nan company’s yearly borrowing costs by astir $5 million.


Mr. Hugh Gallagher, Marathon Digital’s CFO, expressed that nan “crypto manufacture has importantly changed” and said that “We person been actively building a much robust equilibrium expanse that features accrued levels of rate and unrestricted Bitcoin holdings. Given our existent rate position, we wished that it was successful nan Company’s champion liking to prepay our word indebtedness and destruct some nan word indebtedness and RLOC facilities.”

The company’s Chief Financial Officer besides suggested successful February that Marathon plans to trim down connected its indebtedness and summation nan liquidity of nan patient significantly. The announcement of nan termination of nan in installments installation made nan firm’s banal witnesser a dip of 2.10% aft nan closing of nan banal markets.

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