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Local businesses crossed the authorities volition person the accidental for a large enlargement assistance of $25,000 this month.

For tiny businesses, enlargement is hard and often outgo prohibitive. Over the past fewer years, betwixt pandemic restrictions and inflation, tiny businesses successful Michigan person struggled to marque a nett and turn — and this assistance accidental tin assistance them.

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The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is providing a assistance called Match connected Main to assistance struggling tiny businesses. Originally intended to assistance businesses header with the outgo of adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, the Match connected Main assistance tin present beryllium utilized to assistance a concern enactment connected its feet oregon grow successful hard times.

The extremity of the programme is to enactment the maturation and enlargement of tiny businesses statewide, and assistance those businesses make and support jobs.

"This assistance helps businesses motorboat oregon grow," said Sault Ste. Marie DDA Director Stephanie Sprecker. "The assistance tin beryllium utilized for galore antithetic things but it helps businesses to expand."

The assistance has already gone done aggregate rounds since its inception, providing businesses crossed the authorities with much-needed funding. That includes, successful November, 2 tiny businesses successful Sault Ste. Marie.

One of the businesses, a tiny nutrient trailer called Motown Nates, utilized the funds to determination their concern into a imperishable building, allowing the edifice to enactment unfastened during the acold months.

The different business, section spa Prim Aesthetics, was capable to upgrade inventory, allowing them to execute HydraFacial services.

"Prim Aesthetics was 1 of the businesses that benefited from the past circular of grants," Sprecker said. "They got instrumentality that allowed them to execute a caller service, there's a batch of imaginable maturation for them."

In bid to suffice for the grant, a concern indispensable beryllium a considered "small," indispensable beryllium place-based (in a imperishable location), beryllium located successful a downtown country and beryllium headquartered successful Michigan.

Businesses are eligible arsenic agelong arsenic they're successful the limits of an eligible city, including those progressive successful the Michigan Main Street Program similar Sault Ste. Marie, Boyne City, Cheboygan, Rogers City, Grand Haven, Wayland, Charlotte, Coldwater, Three Rivers, Howell, Saline and Lapeer — among others. Redevelopment Ready Communities are besides eligible, of which determination are dozens, including Holland, Allegan, Ionia, Sturgis and Hillsdale.

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Applications are submitted by a section authorities unit, downtown improvement authorization oregon absorption district. Each metropolis tin taxable 2 applications. Applications for this circular indispensable beryllium submitted by Feb. 1 successful bid to qualify.

A concern tin gain up to $25,000 arsenic agelong arsenic they tin lucifer 10 percent of the funding. Learn much astatine

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