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Saturday's Manchester Derby was shrouded successful controversy, with Manchester City believing Bruno Fernandes' equaliser should person been ruled retired for an offside against Marcus Rashford

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Manchester United vs Manchester City successful pictures

Manchester United person trolled rivals Manchester City aft a arguable equaliser allowed Erik 10 Hag's broadside to equine a comeback against their rivals connected Saturday.

City led astatine Old Trafford done Jack Grealish, lone for goals from Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford to crook the crippled successful United's favour. The effect brought the spread betwixt the sides down to conscionable 1 point, portion damaging City's rubric defence arsenic they look to pursuit down runaway league leaders Arsenal.

Fernandes' equaliser was not without controversy, though, with Rashford successful an offside presumption but ruled not to person interfered with play. City made their feelings wide connected the incident, but United person not forgotten astir the warfare of words if a caller TikTok station is thing to spell by.

A video connected United's TikTok channel shows a fewer seconds of Rashford moving done towards - but not touching - Casemiro's through-ball earlier Fernandes sweeps it home. The cautiously chosen inheritance euphony is 'U Can't Touch This' by MC Hammer.

While Rashford whitethorn person been the people of the archetypal ball, the determination not to penalise the England guardant did not spell down well. However, according to erstwhile Premier League referee Peter Walton, Rashford deserved recognition for not touching the ball.

"The instrumentality was amended to really antagonistic that statement of whether helium touches the shot oregon does helium interfere with an hostile playing the ball," Walton said during BT Sport's coverage. "He (Rashford) does neither, truthful arsenic the instrumentality stands, helium hasn't done thing wrong. It's really precise bully play from Rashford himself."

What was your instrumentality connected the Man Utd's equaliser? Have your accidental successful the comments section

Man Utd trolled Man City successful a TikTok video
Man City brag Pep Guardiola was near frustrated connected Saturday (


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Man City brag Guardiola disagreed with the call, though. “Rashford was offside and helium was distracting our players,” he said. “Maybe I don’t cognize what the regularisation is, but I cognize wherever we are playing. In this stadium, with this referee, it tin happen.

“When we conceded the equaliser, it was important we didn’t concede different extremity truthful soon. That is thing we person to improve. The referee decided not to intervene. Are we going to marque a complaint? No. This is Old Trafford. It’s similar Anfield. You person to play better.”

Former Manchester City and England defender Micah Richards, who was covering the crippled arsenic a pundit connected Match of the Day, shared Guardiola's stance. "It's a shocking decision, let's beryllium honest," helium said

"Me, arsenic a defender, if you're playing up beforehand and you tally offside, I'm perpetually adjusting my presumption towards wherever you're going to be. So I'm not disquieted astir thing down maine - I'm disquieted astir you. If you're offside, we're not bothered. You're trying to support a precocious line, which is an creation successful defending, truthful present they're stopping you from doing the defending."

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