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As Pep Guardiola near Old Trafford connected Saturday evening, his broadside having suffered a 2nd decision successful 4 days and definite to driblet further distant from Premier League leaders Arsenal, a cardinal points of intrigue volition person been swirling done his mind.

Having taken the pb connected the hr done substitute Jack Grealish’s header, his broadside were connected people to bash the treble connected rivals Manchester United and enactment the unit connected Mikel Arteta’s broadside up of their ain derby the pursuing day. But 2 goals wrong 4 minutes from Bruno Fernandes and past Marcus Rashford - the erstwhile highly arguable - turned the tide and pulled the Reds to wrong a constituent of their cross-city foes.

The mode successful which Erik Ten Hag’s broadside managed to stifle Erling Haaland, adjacent with Luke Shaw alongside Raphael Varane astatine the back, was concerning, but the Norwegian has 21 goals successful the Premier League this play and looks connected people to interruption astir each grounds going - Saturday was an anomaly.

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The extremity which lit the touchpaper wrong Old Trafford saw Rashford, seemingly offside, marque a question towards the shot earlier leaving it to the onrushing Fernandes. Referee Stuart Atwell decided the United guardant had not interfered with play. Both a unusual determination and different anomaly.

But what has been a much regular occurrence this season, and what stood retired for the entirety of the 90 minutes connected Saturday, was the deficiency of penetrative runs made from wide positions that tin unbalance a tight-knit and deep-lying defence.

Guardiola sanctioned the merchantability of 3 first-team players implicit the summer, with Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchencko some heading to the Emirates portion Raheem Sterling joined Chelsea. All 3 needed a warrant of playing-time that simply cannot beryllium provided astatine City, deciding a determination distant was the champion enactment for each parties.

Jesus had been pivotal successful supporting Sergio Aguero for the six seasons helium was astatine the Etihad, and Txiki Begiristain not lone ensured that a starring antheral - Haaland - was brought in, but that the nine besides added a young, energetic and breathtaking enactment act successful the signifier of Julian Alvarez.

Zinchenko’s important inverted full-back relation has since been filled by 2 players already astatine the club, Joao Cancelo continuing to drift into cardinal spaces connected the near portion Rico Lewis does truthful with unthinkable easiness connected the right. Centre-backs John Stones, Nathan Ake and Manuel Akanji person each fulfilled a akin intent astatine times arsenic well.

But Sterling was ne'er replaced. Having departed for Stamford Bridge successful the mediate of July, the 28-year-old’s determination near Guardiola and his scouting squad with ample clip to find a replacement, but that ne'er arrived and City paid the terms connected Saturday.

Manchester City person missed Raheem Sterling's penetrative runs this play (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Manchester City person missed Raheem Sterling's penetrative runs this play (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

During the 90 minutes astatine Old Trafford, Phil Foden, Riyad Mahrez and Jack Grealish completed 1 dribble and 7 touches successful the punishment country betwixt them - according to lucifer information from FBRef. No 1 successful entity bluish played a azygous palmy done ball.

That is not to accidental that nary of the supra trio did their occupation connected Saturday. The accomplishment of Haaland has seen Guardiola determination his higher-risk players centrally, with Kevin De Bruyne and the Norwegian often the cardinal to unlocking defences. But erstwhile some are managed by a compact and well-drilled broadside - arsenic they were astatine the play - the abstraction is wide, but the deficiency of spontaneity connected the wings leaves play successful beforehand of the defence.

Against United, City’s wide men received the shot to feet, saw a oversea of reddish and turned back. Neither Foden nor Grealish completed 1 progressive walk - 1 that travels astatine slightest 10 yards towards the absorption goal.

Guardiola needed a line-breaker: idiosyncratic to repeatedly dart successful down a full-back, either latching connected to done balls and turning the United back-line oregon opening up spaces connected the country of the punishment country by pulling defenders backmost with them. But since they sold Sterling, they simply bash not person one.

For overmuch of the season, they haven’t peculiarly needed it. Foden has been scintillating astatine times and Grealish, pursuing the customary accommodation play that comes with joining City, is opening to amusement wherefore Guardiola was truthful keen connected bringing him to the Etihad. Mahrez has besides enjoyed a superb spell, with 8 goals and 2 assists since October.

City are inactive precise overmuch successful the rubric contention and person Arsenal to play twice. They look RB Leipzig successful the Champions League knockout stages adjacent period and are done to the 4th circular of the FA Cup. In different words, they’re doing beauteous good again.

But Saturday highlighted that thing is missing. The effect led to immoderate bizarre claims that the beingness of Haaland is the occupation - 1 could reason it is successful information the lack of Sterling.


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