German extremist jailed for deliberately driving into police officer while intoxicated

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A German anti-government extremist was convicted of attempted execution and sentenced to 10 years successful situation connected Friday for deliberately driving into a constabulary serviceman during an attempted postulation cheque while intoxicated.

The verdict delivered by nan Stuttgart authorities tribunal comes amid persistent interest complete nan activities of supporters of nan Reich Citizens Movement, a loose far-right grouping whose backers contradict nan legitimacy of nan present-day German constitution and government.

The 62-year-old man, a German whose sanction nan tribunal didn't springiness successful statement pinch section privateness rules, was convicted of attempted murder, bodily harm, resisting and attacking enforcement officers, leaving nan segment of an mishap without authorization and drunk driving. His driving licence was withdrawn and his car confiscated. He was ordered to salary nan injured constabulary serviceman $32,600 successful compensation.

The tribunal said nan suspect became progressively radicalized complete caller years, had described constabulary officers arsenic "combatants" successful chat groups and letters successful 2021 and asserted that he had nan correct to "eliminate (these) combatants without punishment."


A German anti-government extremist has been sentenced to 10 years successful situation for driving into a constabulary officer.

A German anti-government extremist has been sentenced to 10 years successful situation for driving into a constabulary officer.


The incident that led to nan proceedings came aft nan suspect had been drinking astatine a objection against coronavirus restrictions and a day statement successful southwestern Germany successful February 2022, nan tribunal said. A constabulary patrol tried unsuccessfully 3 times to stop him for speeding.

A 2nd patrol later tried to extremity nan man. An serviceman sewage retired of his car and ran toward nan defendant's conveyance to awesome him to stop, and nan suspect drove into nan officer, injuring his knees. He past drove connected pinch nan serviceman connected nan hood of his car, and nan serviceman sustained superior caput injuries erstwhile he fell off, nan tribunal said.

The suspect was stopped by a further constabulary patrol aft officers had fired 25 shots astatine his car. The injured serviceman spent weeks successful a infirmary and is still incapable to activity because of post-traumatic accent disorder.

Earlier this week, German investigators carried retired raids related to an alleged coup crippled involving group linked to nan Reich Citizens movement. A constabulary serviceman was changeable successful nan limb during 1 of nan searches.