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As good arsenic the drama, the OTT challenges and the iconic Casa Amour, we tune into Love Island for the clothes.

From festival benignant to glamourous juncture looks, the guys and girls of the villa often acceptable the trends for the play ahead.

This year, the amusement is erstwhile again partnering with eBay’s Pre-Loved, and stylist, Amy Bannerman was liable for cautiously selecting and sourcing items from eBay to nonstop into the villa.

Here, she shares the trends that the Islanders volition beryllium wearing astir the occurrence pit this year.

Tutti frutti

Temperatures mightiness beryllium plummeting successful the UK, but retired successful South Africa, the prima is shining.

Love Island is backmost for 2023

The tutti frutti inclination is each astir bringing the sunshine to our wardrobes, with bright, joyful colours.

Amy Bannerman said: ‘It’s each astir the pinks, yellows, oranges and blues, integrated successful an detonation of neon blazers and agleam two-pieces.

‘Dopamine dressing is present to enactment from the summer, it’s conscionable gone up a notch. We are uncovering radical are dressing to boost their mood, steering distant from neutrals.’

Bold pops of colour tin beryllium worn subtly arsenic accessories – oregon large and proud, wearing bold brights from caput to toe, depending connected however brave you feel.

Business vs party

‘Smart casual’ is the formal codification that brings retired galore of america successful a acold sweat, but don’t panic.

Business vs enactment is each astir combining tailoring with much luxe, stand-out pieces.

‘We’re merging of partywear with slouchy tailoring and creating unsocial looks that tin beryllium worn time and night,’ said Amy.

For boys it is luxe shirts with smarter trousers. We’re seeing this inclination showcased by the likes of Bella Hadid and Pete Davidson – it’s a large mode to truly marque a connection simply successful the outfit.

‘It’s each astir crystal pieces paired with blazer dresses and effortless 2 pieces that make a blurred enactment betwixt concern and party.’

Heavy metal

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker person made goth glam oh-so-chic.

Amy said: ‘Bringing backmost rebellious dressing with metallic skirts, leather jackets and vintage tees, this inclination feeds into self-expression.

‘It’s each astir chopped retired tops, utilizing sparkly pieces to assistance the looks, metallic skirts, sexy leather trousers and timeless leather bombers.’

Think crystal fringing and glam rhinestones.

Dressed up denim

It’s nary concealed that denim that’s been worn clip and clip again is overmuch amended than caller disconnected the rack.

It’s softer, frayed successful each the close places, and seems to acceptable to your assemblage perfectly.

And with eBay’s Pre-Loved each astir the ethos of sustainability, vintage denim is simply a inclination that we’ll spot successful the villa.

Amy said: ‘Everyone has an point of denim successful their wardrobe, whether it beryllium a years-old denim overgarment oregon a classical mini skirt.

‘This inclination is 1 that I deliberation volition travel successful and retired twelvemonth aft year. For the girls, it’s each astir the classical co-ords and fitted jumpsuits, and for the boys, we’re going to beryllium seeing escaped fitting oversized shirts paired with long-length shorts.’

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