Where to buy Pokémon Squishmallows

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Pokémon Squishmallows are now technically available, and decidedly adorable, but astonishing nary one, these plushies person sold retired conscionable astir everywhere. However, we’re keeping an oculus connected stocks astatine various retailers and clueing you into immoderate tips that conscionable mightiness thief you bring 1 of these precious round-boys home.

Right now, you tin only get Gengar and Pikachu, but Snorlax, Togepi, Piplup, Teddiursa, and Clefairy are group to go disposable later this year.

The 10-inch Gengar and Pickachu adjacent to 1 (one) empirical reference basset hound operation for scale The 10-inch Gengar and Pickachu adjacent to 1 (one) empirical reference basset hound operation for scale Photo: Nicole Carpenter

Where to bargain Pikachu and Gengar Squismallows

Target presently stocks nan 20-inch versions of Pikachu and Gengar for $44.99 each. Both plushies are unluckily sold retired (R.I.P. me), but depending connected your location, you mightiness beryllium fortunate capable to person a shop adjacent you pinch stocks available.

  • Gengar 20-inch Squishmallow ($44.99)
  • Pikachu 20-inch Squishmallow ($44.99)

Both of these cleanable beans are besides disposable to pre-order successful 10- and 14-inch sizes astatine GameStop for $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. If you’re consenting to hold until May 12 erstwhile they go available, this mightiness beryllium your champion option.

If you perfectly request to bring location today, you mightiness beryllium capable to find immoderate third-party listings connected Walmart aliases eBay, but these thin to up and down beautiful wildly successful position of their pricing and availability.

For anyone looking to put successful immoderate further legwork, location are resources disposable that supply alerts for erstwhile these prized commodities get restocked. For that, we’d urge pursuing Squishalerts connected Instagram and Twitter. You tin besides download nan Squishalerts App for Android and Apple devices. Another action includes pursuing Wario64 connected Twitter, who provides updates connected restocks of celebrated products for illustration nan PlayStation 5, but often highlights alerts for different high-demand items.

Alternatively, location are plentifulness of different oversized plush Pokémon presently successful banal astatine Target and GameStop, and while they aren’t charismatic Squishmallow-branded products, they’re still conscionable arsenic cute.


  • Pikachu 8-inch Plush ($14.99)
  • Cyndaquil 8-inch Plush ($14.99)
  • Bagon 8-inch Plush ($14.99)
  • Rowlet 8-inch Plush ($14.99)
  • Oshawott 8-inch Plush ($14.99)
  • Duskull 12-inch Plush ($29.99)


  • Snorlax 18-inch Plush ($29.99)
  • Pikachu 18-inch Plush ($29.99)
  • Jigglypuff 13-inch Plush ($29.99)
  • Squirtle 15-inch Plush ($29.99)
  • Scorbunny 25-inch Plush ($29.99)
  • Pikachu 24-inch Plush ($49.99)
  • Eevee 24-inch Plush ($49.99)
  • Mimikyu 24-inch Plush ($49.99)

Update (Feb. 27): Best Buy has opened up pre-orders for nan 14-inch Pikachu Squishmallow, truthful we’ve added acquisition links.