Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) stock hit 52 week low ahead of Q4 earnings

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  • 1 Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) banal value reacted negatively aft it announced business pinch Chargepoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT)
  • 2 Fisker Inc banal value hits 52 week astatine $5.59 and down by 18.62% connected nan play basis
  • 3 Fisker Inc Q4 net estimate remains antagonistic astatine $0.42 and gross astatine 2.51M

Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) banal value has fallen sharply and created a caller 52 week debased which intelligibly shows that nan inclination is down and bears are continuing their power connected nan higher levels. 

Electric conveyance shaper Fisker Inc had precocious announced a collaboration pinch ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT) to supply a charging solution for nan EV vehicles successful North America which tin move retired to beryllium a win-win business for some nan companies successful nan agelong run. However, nan banal prices of some companies person sewage negatively affected from this news which is rather astonishing for all.

In nan erstwhile convention NYSE: FSR banal value closed astatine $5.68 pinch nan intraday nonaccomplishment of 8.39% and marketplace headdress stood astatine $1.772B

Will Fisker banal value deed a caller 52 week debased aft earnings?

NYSE: FSR regular floor plan by Tradingview

Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) banal value is successful a downtrend and collapsing  down by forming little debased swings which created a panic script and investors look to beryllium cashing retired their finance up of 4th 4 earnings. Recently, Fisker Inc announced a business pinch ChargePoint Holdings Inc (CHPT) to supply nationalist charging solutions which tin use some companies successful nan agelong tally but arsenic of now, FSR prices person reacted negatively and breakdown nan important support level of $6.41

From nan past mates of months, Fisker Inc banal prices are consolidating successful nan wide scope betwixt $6.41 to $8.83 and bulls person tried aggregate times to support nan prices supra nan 50 time EMA but unluckily prices support connected getting rejection shape nan higher levels indicates that nan beardown bears are progressive connected nan proviso area and positional inclination remains connected nan bears grip. Meanwhile nan FSR prices had besides surgery down its little scope of consolidation which has triggered nan panic script and prices collapsed down pinch nan immense momentum. However, Q4 net are scheduled coming and if FSR succeeds to hit nan expert estimates past we mightiness spot a crisp bounce backmost from nan little levels. On nan different hand, If a institution fails to hit nan Q4 estimates past it will surely create problem for nan bullish traders. 

The method indicators of nan Fisker banal for illustration MACD has generated a antagonistic crossover indicating bearishness to proceed for immoderate much clip whereas nan RSI astatine 33 sloping down denotes that nan prices are adjacent to nan oversold area and mightiness trigger a short word alleviation rally from nan little levels.


Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) banal value has fallen pinch nan precocious momentum and created a caller 52 week debased which shows that nan investors lacked nan assurance successful nan institution and much downside is possible. However, nan Q4 net are scheduled coming and if FSR hit nan marketplace estimates past we mightiness expect immoderate short word alleviation rally from nan support levels. 

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $8.83 and $10.00

Support levels : $5.00 and $4.50


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