Sofi Stock Price Prediction: AI is edge in Sofi business model

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  • 1 Sofi Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SOFI) uses Artificial Intelligence to efficaciously toggle shape nan lending process and connection debased rates to customers.
  • 2 Sofi banal value down by 3.63% connected nan play basis
  • 3 Sofi banal value is stuck betwixt 50 and 200 time EMA

Sofi Technologies Inc operates an innovative fintech business which offers various services from student indebtedness financing to mortgages and moreover wealthiness guidance services. What makes a Sofi business exemplary different from its peers is nan usage of AI to efficiently toggle shape nan lending process, offering debased rates to customers and much redeeming potential. Sofi besides leverages nan customer information utilizing AI based exertion which is decidedly an separator successful fintech business.

Sofi Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SOFI) banal value is trading pinch mild bearish cues and bears are trying to propulsion nan prices beneath nan 50 time EMA to create much fearfulness and to harm nan portfolio of agelong word investors. In nan erstwhile convention NASDAQ: SOFI banal value closed astatine $6.38 pinch nan intraday nonaccomplishment of 2.60% and marketplace headdress stood astatine $5.102B

Will SOFI Stock value rebound successful coming months?

NASDAQ: SOFI regular floor plan by Tradingview

Sofi Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SOFI) banal value has formed a double bottommost bullish reversal shape and bulls person besides surgery retired of nan neckline hurdle indicates that assurance of nan buyers is returning backmost and investors are expecting rebound successful coming months.

In nan mid of January, Sofi banal value took U-turn from nan 52 week debased and has managed to climb supra nan 50 time EMA which triggered nan affirmative sentiment and prices changeable up 65% approx successful nan short span of time. Later, In February Sofi succeeded to hit nan Q4 estimates and marketplace celebrated by breaking retired of nan 200 time EMA and turned nan positional inclination successful nan guidance of nan bulls but unluckily prices took halt astatine $8.00 and grounded to springiness nan travel up momentum. 

Sofi banal bulls person tried their champion to prolong nan value supra nan 200 time EMA but sadly wide marketplace sentiment turned antagonistic and slipped beneath nan EMA. However, nan prices are approaching nan support area astatine $6.000 and expected to spot benignant of consolidation earlier deciding nan further direction. On nan different hand, if marketplace sentiment remains antagonistic past bears mightiness effort to resistance nan prices beneath nan $6.00 level which tin create problem for nan agelong word investors. 

The method indicators of nan Sofi banal for illustration MACD has generated a antagonistic crossover indicating bearishness to proceed for immoderate much clip and nan RSI astatine 48 sloping down shows that sellers are much progressive arsenic compared to buyers.


Sofi Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SOFI) banal value is struggling to reclimb supra nan 200 time EMA but till nan wide marketplace sentiment remains antagonistic nan probability of rebound successful nan Sofi prices is low. However, prices are adjacent to nan support level and whitethorn spot immoderate benignant of consolidation earlier deciding nan further direction.

Technical levels

Resistance levels : $8.27 and $10.00

Support levels : $6.00 and $4.26


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