Wray, DOJ slammed by ex-FBI agents over perceived bias in Mark Houck case, Crossfire Hurricane

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Two erstwhile FBI agents were asked Wednesday to respond to Attorney General Merrick Garland being grilled by Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Josh Hawley, R-Mo., complete perceived governmental bias – arsenic good arsenic FBI Director Christopher Wray's question and reply pinch Bret Baier.

Nicole Parker, a now-former supplier who worked retired of nan Miami section office, told "Hannity" that she near nan bureau because of everything nan big conscionable showed nan assemblage from Garland's hearing and Wray's interview.

"[O]ne point aft another, aft another. You know, Christopher Wray says that nan FBI is adjacent and that they travel nan grounds – if that was nan case, I wouldn't person near nan FBI," she said. "And nan labor that are highly disappointment astir apt wouldn't beryllium disappointment either."

Parker said years into a agelong career, which began pursuing nan September 11 panic attacks, she felt she didn't person an avenue to sound concerns arsenic an agent.


Attorney General Merrick Garland

Attorney General Merrick Garland (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

"I was moving convulsive crime. I worked shoulder-to-shoulder pinch unthinkable heroes. You know, nan individuals astatine my convulsive crime squad – we were retired location redeeming individuals and putting bad group down bars. And that is why I came to nan FBI. But I was getting drowned retired by this changeless noise."

She said nan issues became clearer after then-FBI Director Jim Comey made what she called a "prosecutorial decision" successful 2016 erstwhile he recommended against charges for Hillary Clinton regarding accusation mishandling.

The bureau is expected to coming grounds to nan Justice Department which past makes specified a decision, not nan bureau itself, Parker said.

The "Operation: Crossfire Hurricane" that enveloped Donald Trump was nan adjacent glaring aberration, she said.


"[Q]uite frankly, I felt for illustration I could astir apt make a stronger effect extracurricular nan FBI than wrong nan FBI. And that is why I chose to leave," she later concluded.

Steve Friend, different erstwhile typical supplier reportedly of nan Jacksonville division, was besides asked by Hannity astir some Garland and Wray.

Friend said he keyed into 1 peculiar mobility from Baier's question and reply pinch Wray, regarding nationalist cognition of nan bureau.

When Wray responded by touting nan FBI's beardown recruitment, Friend said it revealed nan bureau "does not see nan American organization their customers."


"It is very evidently nan Biden management and nan governmental left, and [Wray is] ready, consenting and capable to supply a well-staffed and well-compensated workforce that's going to do their bidding," Friend said.

Friend besides criticized nan Justice Department's apprehension and prosecution of Mark Houck, a pro-life demonstrator from Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, who had galore heavily-armed agents show up astatine his location successful relationship pinch alleged violations of a national abortion session entree law.

"It uses these overly fierce SWAT squad apprehension strategies and large-scale apprehension operations erstwhile it's conscionable not basal erstwhile you person individuals who were being cooperative and pledged, for illustration Mark Houck did, to beryllium cooperative and surrender themselves should charges come," he said. 

"It's not basal to nonstop a tactical squad successful a Bearcat aliases 30 agents successful assemblage armor pinch slung M4s."

Houck was accused of violating nan enactment aft a confrontation pinch a pro-choice individual extracurricular a Philadelphia clinic.

The city's far-left elected prosecutor, Lawrence Krasner, declined to prosecute Houck, but nan Justice Department detained and charged him nonetheless, arsenic Hawley noted successful nan proceeding Wednesday.

The begetter of 7 was acquitted by-jury successful astir an hr aliases so, according to Hawley and different reports.

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