TON Price Analysis: TON price is on a bull trend but till when?

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  • 1 TON value has been moving connected a bullish rally giving a move of 8%
  • 2 After giving a rally TON value mightiness beryllium looking for a correction

TON value trending connected an uptrend

Source:  TON/USDT by TradingView 

While nan wide marketplace sentiments were trending connected a bearish inclination for nan past mates of months for nan crypto marketplace nan buyer’s sentiments regarding nan TON value person been bullish moreover successful nan caller crypto winters. After breaking retired of nan carnivore inclination successful early October 2022 a fewer months backmost TOM price’s person been moving connected a bullish inclination giving a accordant move of 15-20% arsenic tin beryllium studied by nan humanities value pattern. 

Although Toncoin collapsed its ain grounds adjacent mid-December by giving a bullish move of 54% and making its 52-week precocious going to $2.800 almost moving towards a value of $3.00 which is acting arsenic its astir caller and captious resistance. 

The wide marketplace sentiments are presently trading adjacent nan neutral level astir constituent 50 according to nan Alternative (dot) maine tract which measures nan marketplace sentiments done various sources. The bulls are presently dominating nan marketplace by 51 to 62% according to nan coin solid tract which provides a futures trading and accusation platform.

Technical Analysis ( 1 Day Timeframe )

Source:  TON/USDT by TradingView 

The TON value is trading connected a bull inclination supra nan 200 EMA and different awesome cardinal averages while taking accordant support from nan 50 EMA and trading supra it from early December while giving a 15 – 20% move. Although according to humanities value action, it mightiness return a correction successful caller days.

The TON value is moving successful a bullish rally. However, nan value is trading adjacent its astir caller guidance astir nan value of $2.65 while its adjacent guidance is 17% supra nan existent value of astir $3.00 which it tried to transverse supra adjacent mid-December but could not scope it. The caller support for nan TON value is 10% beneath astir level of $2.33 while its awesome support level is $2.17

The RSI statement is aft taking support from nan 14 SMA while trading supra nan median statement and is presently trading adjacent nan overbought level of astir 63 points while nan RSI curve is suggesting that it mightiness commencement moving downwards.


The TON value is trading connected a bull run. Even while being successful nan crypto wintertime TON value was trading connected a bullish inclination while astir of nan marketplace was nether a carnivore trend. This suggests that buyers are bullish astir TON while nan GlassCoin site’s study is besides correlating pinch this statement. 

Technical levels –

Support –   $2.33 and $2.17

Resistance – $2.65 and $3.00


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