US manufacturers offer way for American businesses to 'mitigate' China damage

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With increasing calls to decouple nan economy from China, U.S. manufacturers outlined a measurement for American businesses to "mitigate" damages from nan communist country. 

"It would beryllium very important for america to commencement bringing together bilateral waste and acquisition agreements pinch immoderate of our different allies, for illustration nan United Kingdom, Taiwan and others, truthful that we tin commencement to mitigate nan harm that, frankly, China has caused to nan American system and American manufacturers," National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons said Wednesday connected "Cavuto: Coast to Coast."

Timmons addressed concerns from politicians complete nan threat of China to American nationalist information and fears from business owners complete nan economical consequences of nan narration pinch China.

"China cheats, and it has been a very, very difficult relationship, but 1 that you constituent retired is economically important not only for nan United States but besides for nan world," he said.


Employees activity connected nan assembly statement astatine nan Dakkota Integrated Systems manufacturing installation successful Detroit, Michigan, U.S., connected Thursday, May 5, 2022. Dakkota Integrated Systems is simply a Native American, Woman-Owned Company that manufactures Instrument Panels For Stellantis Jeep Assembly Plants.  | Getty Images

Timmons based on that forming strategic, bilateral waste and acquisition agreements will thief nan U.S. pinch its realignment efforts and lessen nan harm China has caused to American businesses and manufacturers.

The NAM CEO added that successful summation to forging these agreements, U.S. businesses must re-evaluate economical ties pinch China arsenic a increasing disagreement develops betwixt nan 2 kinds of economies.

"The world [is] dividing betwixt benignant of capitalistic, free marketplace economies and bid and control, dictatorial economies. And it's a different style. It's a different system," he said. "And it's 1 that, frankly, if we're going to beryllium supporting systems astir nan world, we want to support those systems that understand and clasp our antiauthoritarian values, clasp free marketplace capitalism aliases astatine slightest immoderate shape of that."

It would beryllium very important for america to commencement bringing together bilateral waste and acquisition agreements pinch immoderate of our different allies…so that we tin commencement to mitigate nan harm that, frankly, China has caused to nan American system and American manufacturers. Jay Timmons

Timmons celebrated nan truth that nan economical and governmental rivalry brewing pinch China is simply a bipartisan rumor aft nan House Select Committee connected nan Strategic Competition Between nan U.S. and nan Chinese Communist Party held its first proceeding connected Tuesday. 

Aric Newhouse, nan elder vice president for argumentation and authorities relations astatine NAM, sent a missive to nan House lawmakers connected nan prime committee urging them to activity pinch nan waste and acquisition group to "develop actual argumentation solutions for nan U.S. to fortify our security, bolster our system and protect American innovation."

"Our attack to China must navigate a analyzable group of U.S.-China ties: China is simply a fierce economical competitor that often fails to play by nan rules and a awesome challenger to American world influence," Newhouse explained. "Simultaneously, China is simply a basal partner connected world issues specified arsenic ambiance alteration and a captious marketplace for manufactured goods. We must guarantee that manufacturers successful nan U.S. tin compete pinch China astir nan world, including successful China itself."

Chinese exports

A worker walks past cranes astatine nan instrumentality larboard successful Qingdao successful eastbound China's Shandong state connected Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020. China's exports roseate 0.5% successful 2019 contempt a tariff warfare pinch Washington aft maturation rebounded successful December connected stronger request f (Fox News / Fox News)

The missive outlined respective areas wherever the committee could help, including reforming national permitting to beforehand much home finance successful power and manufacturing, reforming taxation policies, specifically nan investigation and improvement (R&D) tax, processing a stronger workforce, and moreover advocating for investments into profession and method education. 


Timmons expressed immoderate of nan ideas successful Newhouse's letter, particularly successful position of permitting betterment and nan R&D taxation credit. 

"We besides request to spot immoderate things done present astatine home, including permitting betterment and a attraction connected R&D and nan taxation credit," Timmons told big Neil Cavuto. "China correct now provides a 200% R&D tax credit for their investigation and development. And coming we supply only 10% of that because it expired astatine nan extremity of past year."

"There's galore different things that we request to get done," he added. "Immigration to thief america make nan things - migration reform, to make nan things that we've sewage to get done here. There's a batch we tin do here, but there's besides a lot, obviously, that we request to do erstwhile it comes to nan world shape arsenic well."

While business leaders are faced pinch "difficult decisions," Timmons praised nan U.S. arsenic a location for "not only overseas investment, but for home investment." He attributed nan nation's finance committedness to taxation reforms during nan Trump administration, "regulatory certainty" and infrastructure and exertion investments done nan CHIPS and Science Act. 


Timmons acknowledged that while nan U.S. should commencement to "realign" economical ties to China, that does not mean American companies should forgo business pinch China altogether. 

"There's 1 constituent nevertheless – galore cardinal group successful China," he said. "That is simply a immense market. But look, we've sewage to person transparency from China."

FOX Business' Eric Revell contributed to this report.