Where to buy the Pokémon Go Plus Plus device

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To usage Pokémon Sleep, nan caller gamified sleep-tracking exertion launching this summertime for iOS and Android devices, you’ll request nan $54.99 Pokémon Go Plus Plus accessory (silly name, I know). It’s a much tin type of nan original Pokémon Go Plus accessory that, successful summation to moving pinch Sleep, allows you to way your region and drawback Pokémon without having to unfastened nan Pokémon Go app.

The mini disc-shaped accessory is equipped pinch a azygous fastener successful its mediate to alteration slumber tracking, and it tin beryllium utilized to rotation adjacent PokéStops successful Pokémon Go automatically. It’s besides tin of throwing Great Balls and Ultra Balls to drawback Pokémon, successful summation to your modular Pokéballs.

Pre-orders went unrecorded for nan Pokémon Go Plus Plus, but they quickly sold retired connected Nintendo’s online shop soon aft it was announced. But you tin presently reserve this caller instrumentality astatine Best Buy, and it’ll statesman shipping connected July 17. We’ll adhd links to different retailers are they go available.