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The unsocial Gatekeeper brings a caller teleportation-based combat style

Vancouver – La Tale, the long-running phantasy MMORPG, volition beryllium launching its Gatekeeper update on Jan. 18th (PST). This caller update brings a caller main class: the Gatekeeper, which uses dual chakrams for its unsocial combat style. The chakrams tin make a magical gateway, which teleports players and monsters betwixt 2 points successful space.

Also included successful this caller update is La Tale’s latest Ultra Burning event, which tin assistance players level up to Lv. 3500. With the Ultra Burning bundle contains successful their Gift Bundle, players tin pain their mode to precocious levels done quests provided by the NPC Toma. Players volition beryllium rewarded with cogwheel suitable to their level arsenic they progress.

Among different caller contented are caller manner sets and hairstyles. Equipment upgrade buffs connected Nightmare Weapons, Belts, Necklaces, Badges, and Relics volition assistance players drawback up to the caller instrumentality featured connected Aie Island

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