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, /PRNewswire/ -- Kraton Corporation, a starring planetary sustainable shaper of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from conifer wood pulping co-products, announces Edgar Baena has been appointed arsenic Vice President of Global Operations for the Pine Chemicals business. Mr. Baena volition oversee the segment's planetary operations strategy and advancement toward achieving operational excellence and further improving manufacturing reliability.

Edgar Baena

Edgar Baena

"Edgar's acquisition successful manufacturing, quality, and engineering firmly align with our extremity of accelerating operational show and ratio to present worth and conscionable the unsocial needs of our customers," said Marcello Boldrini, Kraton CEO, Pine Chemicals business. "His operational expertise volition marque him a cardinal plus to the Pine Chemicals business. I'm assured his enactment volition assistance reenforce our committedness to operational excellence and steward our continued growth."

"I americium honored to articulation Kraton successful this caller role," says Mr. Baena. "I applaud the company's strategical absorption connected preserving and protecting its radical and the environment. I look guardant to further advancing Kraton's operational sustainability and ensuring we person best-in-class information systems and processes to advancement toward our imaginativeness of Zero Harm."

As a seasoned manufacturing executive, Mr. Baena joins Kraton with implicit 20 years of operations and absorption experience. Prior to Kraton, Mr. Baena held enactment positions astatine Lubrizol and Dow Chemical. Mr. Baena holds a B.S. successful Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Northwood University.

About Kraton Corporation 

Kraton Corporation is a starring planetary shaper of specialty polymers and high-value show products derived from renewable resources. Kraton's polymers are utilized successful a wide scope of applications, including adhesives, coatings, user and idiosyncratic attraction products, sealants, and lubricants, and medical, packaging, automotive, paving and roofing products. As the largest planetary supplier successful the conifer chemicals industry, the company's pine-based specialty products are sold into adhesive, roadworthy and operation and tyre markets, and it produces and sells a wide scope of show chemicals into markets that see substance additives, oilfield chemicals, coatings, metalworking fluids and lubricants, inks, and mining. Kraton offers its products to a divers lawsuit basal successful implicit 70 countries worldwide. 

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