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AMMAN — Jordanian decorator Hama Yassen launched her latest postulation astatine Modest Fashion Week successful Riyadh successful December. 

The eighth-edition of Modest Fashion Week, nether the slogan “Roots for the Future”, featured humble covering designers from 40 countries astir the world. The lawsuit was held successful concern with the Khood Fashion Platform on with planetary and determination partners.

“The astir salient diagnostic of the postulation is that it provides applicable and elegant clothes, arsenic they see detachable elements that tin beryllium added and removed easily…to marque them a precise applicable garment successful the greeting and an elegant chic formal suitable for the evenings astatine the aforesaid time,” Yassen told The Jordan Times. 

Yassen noted that the affirmative and “promising” reactions that her designs received erstwhile she shared them with a radical of pistillate bureau workers and concern leaders encouraged her to proceed her enactment with a absorption connected humble clothing.

This year’s Modest Fashion Week taxable — “Roots to the Future” — was intended to ideate what Saudi Arabia would look similar successful 2030. With Riyadh posed arsenic the manner superior of the world, humble manner decorator Hama Yassen partnered with car dealership Al Jazirah Ford International to showcase her caller enactment astatine the event, according to a connection from the event’s founders.

Modest manner is simply a increasing planetary inclination that is often associated with veiled women. However, this information of the manner satellite encompasses a acold larger group, and “this lawsuit aims to spotlight that”, the connection said.

Yassen launched a level to enactment the decorator assemblage arsenic they found and make their brands done an online multi-brand store, she said.

“I had besides established ‘Khood’ Academy, a specialised academy to supply children with manner plan skills successful an absorbing and interactive manner,” she added. 

Yassen’s superior absorption is connected manner for “today’s progressive women” to deterioration astatine home, enactment and societal gatherings.

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