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A 300-year-old library enclosure successful the acquisition epicenter of Dublin, Ireland, has go world-famous for its stunning interior and treasure trove of uncommon titles, immoderate of them implicit a period old. For publication lovers of each ages, some the postulation and the mounting are the worldly of fairy tales.

The Long Room astatine the Old Library astatine Trinity College successful Dublin—Ireland’s largest library—is a grand, 213-foot-long wood-paneled enclosure with barrel-vaulted ceilings and azygous floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. On these shelves beryllium immoderate 200,000 uncommon books, accessible by sliding ladders and cordoned disconnected to each but those with explicit support to grip them.

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Epoch Times Photo Watercolour of the Long Room earlier the extortion was raised successful 1860 to accommodate much books. (Public domain)

The archetypal Old Library gathering was built betwixt 1712 and 1732. An Irish “legal deposit” law, passed successful 1801, allowed the room to assertion a transcript of each publication published successful Britain and Ireland escaped of charge, a instrumentality that persists today, according to the library of Trinity College. As such, the gathering was extended successful the 1850s to accommodate the library’s expansive collection.

In 1860, the extortion of the Long Room was raised to accommodate an precocious assemblage for much books. Today, the room astatine ample has implicit six cardinal printed volumes representing 400 years of world thought contained wrong its walls.

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The Long Room, wherever the oldest books successful this postulation reside, is an homage to past successful much ways than one.

The enclosure houses 1 of the past remaining copies of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and the Book of Kells, a manuscript penned by monks implicit 1,200 years agone and present 1 of the astir invaluable books successful the world.

Also connected show successful the Long Room is simply a 15th-century oak and willow harp with 29 brass strings, representing the emblem of Ireland and the oldest of its benignant successful the country.

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At the extremity of each enactment of bookshelves is simply a marble bust, the oldest dating from the mid-18th century, each 1 depicting a celebrated writer oregon large philosopher of the Western World. Some picture large antheral figures linked with Trinity College.

In November 2020, Trinity College added 4 busts featuring the pistillate scholars Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Augusta Gregory, and Mary Wollstonecraft to the Long Room’s collection.

This magical building, with its affluent past and the treasures within, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each and each year.

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