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  • Staff Writer, with CNA

India is looking guardant to moving with Taiwan to beforehand determination bid and stability, the country's apical envoy to Taipei said yesterday astatine an lawsuit to observe the upcoming Indian Republic Day connected January 26.

There was a "shared attachment to the values of democracy, idiosyncratic freedom, satellite bid and planetary solidarity that hindrance the 1.4 cardinal radical of India to the 23 cardinal radical of Taiwan," India-Taipei Association Director-General Gourangalal Das said astatine the lawsuit held successful Taipei.

Last twelvemonth was 1 of affluent engagement betwixt India and Taiwan, with the gradual resumption of in-person exchanges and the visits of respective elder delegations successful some directions. "Bilateral commercialized figures reached their historical precocious past year. The affirmative momentum of Taiwanese concern successful India dispersed to caller areas similar semiconductors, e-vehicles, and greenish energy," Das said.

Photo: Lu Yi-hsuan, Taipei Times

The twelvemonth besides witnessed the motorboat of the yearly India-Taiwan CEOs' Roundtable, India-Taiwan SME Forum, and the Taiwan-India Dialogue, 3 caller mechanisms that bring apical businesses, originative entrepreneurs, and notable academics from India together, Das said.

"All of this would not person been imaginable without a beardown instauration of relationship betwixt our peoples," Das said.

"As 1 of the world's apical 5 economies, arsenic the emerging motor of the satellite economy, and arsenic Chair of the Group of Twenty for this year, India looks to enactment with partners astir the world, including Taiwan, to service arsenic a pillar of peace, stability, and prosperity successful the Indo-Pacific and the satellite astatine large," Das added.

Photo: Lu Yi-hsuan, Taipei Times

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