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Dec 27 (Reuters) - At the Fashion X AI amusement successful Hong Kong, attendees noticed a definite "alien" prime astir the caller apparel modelled connected the event's constrictive catwalk - and the designs were, successful fact, not wholly human.

The amusement enactment much than 80 outfits from 14 designers successful the spotlight, each of which were created with the assistance of the artificial quality bundle AiDA, abbreviated for "AI-based Interactive Design Assistant”. The bundle was developed by PhD students and academics astatine the Hong Kong-based AiDLab.

Masked successful monochrome blue, wearing outfits that ranged from down jackets to translucent skirts, models strutted past rows of critics and manner designers.

Attendee Cynthia Tse said it felt similar she was witnessing the aboriginal of manner astatine the amusement connected Dec. 19.

"I deliberation the look covering is decidedly alien-like, and exciting,” said Tse.

According to AiDLab CEO Calvin Wong, the bundle was created to service arsenic a “supporting tool” for designers.

“AiDA is an adjunct for manner designers conscionable to assistance them, you know, to enactment together," Wong said. "Designers and AI tin enactment unneurotic to travel up with the last collection."

[1/5] Images of the designer-led AI collections which was assisted by AiDA, are seen astatine the backstage during "Fashion X AI : Call For Young Talents 2022" manner amusement successful Hong Kong, China, December 19, 2022. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

The AiDA strategy is supported by AI technologies specified arsenic representation recognition, detection, and representation generation, Wong said. Designers tin upload draught sketches, materials, and colour palettes to a virtual temper board, and the software’s algorithm generates blueprints that designers tin tweak and adhd their ain flair to.

The strategy tin nutrient a twelve manner templates wrong 10 seconds, redeeming designers precious time, Wong said.

Hong Kong-based manner decorator Mountain Yam has been utilizing AiDA for the past six months and said it not lone saved him time, but inspired him.

“Our narration is comparable to a romanticist narration successful that I seemed to gradually get to cognize her (AiDA), and she gradually got to cognize my ain designs," Yam said. "In accordance with my lines, styles, and databases, the strategy volition suggest thing for maine that I whitethorn not person ever considered, but she (AiDA) thinks is suitable for me. Therefore I judge we are processing a semipermanent relationship.”

Fashion decorator Yulia Tlili said she had hoped the AI designs would beryllium much astatine the forefront of the collection, noting that they weren’t astir arsenic extremist arsenic the futuristic collections she had helped plan erstwhile she started her career.

“I deliberation AI is afloat of anticipation and it's truly an astonishing accidental for the students and for the professors to truly collaborate with this truly absorbing field,” Tlili said.

AiDA was officially launched with the Fashion X AI show, and is disposable to designers successful Europe and Asia Pacific.

Reporting by Joyce Zhou. Writing by Joseph Campbell. Editing by Gerry Doyle

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