'I thought SBF was the Mark Zuckerberg of crypto,' says Anthony Scaramucci - Cointelegraph

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Anthony Scaramucci said blockchain "skepticism is usually calved from a deficiency of knowledge," portion sharing his crypto holdings of Bitcoin, Ether, Solana and Algorand.

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'I thought SBF was the Mark Zuckerberg of crypto,' says Anthony Scaramucci

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In a candid interrogation with Cointelegraph astatine the World Economic Forum successful Davos, Anthony Scaramucci, cofounder of SkyBridge Capital, lambasted Sam Bankman-Fried and shed airy connected his crypto portfolio. 

Scaramucci trusted the erstwhile CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) of FTX, which imploded successful precocious 2021. Scaramucci said successful a sheet preceding the interrogation that the “Ninth ellipse of hell” is reserved for SBF. He added further colour to the comments successful treatment with Cointelegraph:

“I really thought helium was the Mark Zuckerberg of crypto. I didn't recognize helium was the Bernie Madoff. And that's thing I person to own. And truthful I ain it.”

The “Mooch” arsenic helium is known, explained he's blessed to talk astir his mistakes successful trusting SBF. “I similar speaking astir it due to the fact that if I tin forestall idiosyncratic other from having a calamity similar that, conscionable from learning from us, that's worthy it to me,” helium explained.

Scaramucci is presently moving astatine clawing backmost his company’s stock that FTX lost. He is assured that the 30% involvement that FTX Ventures acquired would beryllium returned sometime successful 2023.

The Cointelegraph squad is reporting unrecorded from Davos.

Speaking with Gareth Jenkinson, elder newsman astatine Cointelegraph, Scaramucci besides divulged his crypto portfolio:

“I started marking Bitcoin investments successful 2020. We past started buying Ethereum successful the aboriginal portion of 2021. We person immoderate Solana, we person thing called Algorand, which is simply a smaller furniture one, but it’s got precise bully technology.”

SkyBridge Capital's investments successful crypto whitethorn travel arsenic a astonishment to a thought person who erstwhile tweeted helium “could attraction less” astir Bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, since Scaramucci archetypal tweeted astir Bitcoin 1 decennary agone successful 2013, the currency is up implicit 1,000%.

@onlyonewowwow @obsoletedogma for the record, I don't cognize what a #bitcoin is and could careless. Caveat Emptor

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) April 12, 2013

Scaramucci concluded helium had made galore mistakes during his Bitcoin and crypto journey. It took him galore years and interactions with leaders successful the space, specified arsenic the Winklevoss twins, earlier helium invested. He shared that “Skepticism is usually calved from a deficiency of knowledge.”

“The much homework you bash connected the blockchain, the much you recognize however the blockchain is going to beryllium a precise large portion of our future.”

The Mooch is present a regular commentator connected the crypto space, and precocious shared 2023 terms predictions for Bitcoin successful the six-figure territory. The "mainstream" is yet to truly get to grips with the blockchain, helium shred

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Ultimately, arsenic much and much radical statesman to recognize the value of transacting with 1 different without a 3rd party, the Bitcoin and blockchain abstraction volition instrumentality flight:

“When you recognize the magnitude of that, it volition beryllium a fantastic layering mechanics that volition pb to large economical ratio and innovation. So that's wherefore I'm successful the space.”

According to Scaramucci, determination is inactive plentifulness of country for maturation successful the Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto markets.