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Last week, we took a look backmost astatine immoderate Manchester thoroughfare benignant photos from 1978 and loved taking a travel down representation lane with the achromatic and achromatic photos. But this week, Steal Their Style returns successful afloat colour arsenic I acceptable retired to inquire shoppers successful the Arndale Centre astir their outfits.

Half of the radical I stopped this week each happened to beryllium women implicit 60, each of which gave america immoderate fantastic manner tips and proposal having lived done decades of trends.

Some of these tips see ne'er throwing thing away, ever ain a brace of achromatic boots and knowing however to formal for your assemblage benignant - each incedibly invaluable nuggest of information.

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As good arsenic our glamourous older women, I besides caught up with immoderate stylish shoppers successful their 20s and 30s, uncovering retired what manner means to them, and getting each the goss connected the champion places to shop.

So, if it's New Year, New Look for you, possibly this week's diagnostic volition assistance springiness you immoderate inspiration. Here are the six best-dressed shoppers we spotted this week, and however you tin Steal Their Style.

Nancy Lois Feltell

Steal Their Style: Nancy Lois Feltell

In a vibrant orangish overgarment and colourful Nike trainers, from behind, Nancy Feltell looks similar immoderate stylish 26 twelvemonth old, truthful erstwhile she revealed her property to really beryllium 62, I was stunned - instantly asking for her nonstop skincare routine.

The mum-of-one, from Clitheroe, was conscionable visiting Manchester and had been checking retired the Homesense store successful the Arndale.

She talked maine done her outfit, which included a vintage Prada container and Nike trainers, arsenic good arsenic a Zara blouse and £8 Primark scarf - a dupe of the Acne Studios oversized pieces that retail for £240.

She added: “I don’t cognize who’s paying £240 for a scarf, but these ones are £8 from Primark and they’re astir an nonstop copy. My girl bought maine 2 of them.

“My overgarment was from Massimo Dutti and outgo £449, but I ne'er person it disconnected my back, truthful it’s worthy it.”

When it comes to benignant inspiration, Nancy loves colour and coordination, and ne'er throws her apparel away. She added: “I’ve ever tried to beryllium bright. I emotion a spot of colour and trying to coordinate it. We didn't person a batch of apparel increasing up truthful present my wardrobe is bursting astatine the seams. I besides support everything - I inactive person apparel from the 80s and 90s.”

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Imane Hussein-Keyre

Steal Their Style: Imane Hussein-Keyre

Originally from France, Imane moved to Blackburn 8 years ago, but was visiting Manchester due to the fact that she loves ‘the vibe and the fashion’.

The 21-year-old wore a multi-layered look afloat of absorbing shapes and textures, inspired by French and British thoroughfare style.

She wore Ugg trainers with tights and a brace of pleated Adidas shorts that look similar a skirt, arsenic good arsenic 3 tops layered implicit 1 different from Next and PrettyLittleThing, completing the look with a overgarment from Pure and a Primark hat.

She said: “I emotion to furniture and play with colours and textures. I spell connected Pinterest and I premix a spot of everything from assorted outfits I like. I similar to premix French benignant with metropolis thoroughfare benignant - Manchester is truly chill for fashion.

“My biggest portion of proposal is to effort everything. You ne'er cognize if you mightiness similar it. If you spot a benignant you wouldn’t usually deterioration but rather similar it - conscionable effort it!"

Christine Berry

Steal Their Style: Christine Berry

I’ve loved gathering snippets of proposal from my Steal Their Stylers, and Christine’s is that ‘everyone needs a brace of achromatic heeled boots’.

The 60-year-old, from Worsley, was wearing her achromatic Dune boots which she’s had for a fewer years now, adding: “They’re truly bully and you can’t spell incorrect with a achromatic boot.”

She paired the shoes with a achromatic mock croc Ted Baker bag, an orangish overgarment from Topshop - primitively £90 - and an orangish patterned scarf.

“I’ve ever been into my manner since I was precise young,” Christine said. “I look everyplace for inspiration, I bash a batch of probe online, connected societal media and get recommendations from friends and family.”

Christine proved her oculus for manner erstwhile asking maine if my ain overgarment was from Urban Outfitters - and it was, astir 12 months ago, too. She added: “I timepiece radical successful the thoroughfare and cognize wherever things are from.”

And portion achromatic boots are a wardrobe must, Christine’s biggest portion of proposal was to ‘know your assemblage shape’.

She said: “I don’t deliberation immoderate radical look successful a reflector and you’ve got to enactment with what you’ve got to marque yourself look much flattering. You don’t person to bargain thing truly expensive. If you bargain costly apparel successful the incorrect benignant it tin look cheaper than if you spell to Primark.”

Harry Bainbridge

Steal Their Style: Harry Bainbridge

Feeling caller aft a nighttime retired astatine Filthy Gorgeous the erstwhile night, 24-year-old Harry was retired successful the Arndale Centre with a radical of friends helium was visiting aft moving retired of Manchester earlier Christmas.

He wore a premix of caller and thrifted pieces, with the bargain of the time being the existent leather overgarment helium bought for £25 successful a foundation store successful Withington.

He said: “I get a batch of inspiration from going to foundation shops. A batch of my wardrobe is from foundation shops due to the fact that they’re truthful cheap.”

Alongside the jacket, Harry wore a brace of Dr Martens, foundation store trousers and necklace, followed by a apical and cardigan bought caller from ASOS.

He said: “I consciousness similar I person to propulsion the vessel retired and formal much cosmopolitan successful Manchester. I travel from a tiny municipality though, and portion this outfit isn’t that ‘out there’ for Manchester, backmost location radical would beryllium looking astatine maine funny.

“Manchester is truly accepting, which means I tin beryllium a spot much myself. Fashion means a batch to me, I deliberation it lets radical cognize astir my vibe earlier they've met maine - but that could enactment some ways. I’ve ever had rather a affirmative absorption to the mode I dress, though.”

Catherine Whyley

Steal Their Style: Catherine Whyley

Out buying with her daughter-in-law, Catherine Whyley says ‘confidence is key’ erstwhile it comes to looking your best.

The 63-year-old styled a brace of M&S boots with trousers and a jumper from Zara, with a airy bluish overgarment and scarf to support warm.

Echoing what Christine Berry said earlier, Catherine is besides a large believer successful knowing what works for you, your property and your shape.

She said: “I look astatine younger celebrities and past enactment retired what I similar and however I tin marque that enactment for me, and marque it consciousness similar my benignant and identity.

“Wear the close things for your assemblage - I spot bigger women wearing leggings and wonderment if they’ve looked successful the mirror. They've got large bodies but it’s astir wearing things that accentuate that.”

In particular, Catherine likes to instrumentality inspiration from the Instagram influencer and exemplary Grece Ghanem, who is 58.

Catherine added: “I similar Grace connected Instagram. I emotion everything astir her, the information she is flamboyant and conscionable doesn't care. Her benignant is truly retired determination but I get a small spot of inspo determination arsenic good arsenic pinterest and sunday magazines. Stylist is simply a truly bully one.

“Get inspiration from the things you similar and past spell and spot what’s successful your ain wardrobe. I set my ain clothes, too, to marque them acceptable properly, which I deliberation is important.

“And finally, assurance makes a satellite of quality too, assurance is key. Going retired with Rosie, my daughter-in-law, gives maine assurance to formal up, too.”

Rebecca Carney

Steal Their Style: Rebecca Carney

Birthday miss Rebecca swapped Salford for Scotland, but had returned to the metropolis to observe her day with family.

The 31-year-old edifice idiosyncratic told maine astir her outfit, which gives a motion to her 90s influences. Her jumper formal outgo astir £20-30 from Boohoo, paired with an carnal people scarf, Primark overgarment and Missguided boots she snagged for £10 connected eBay.

Describing her wardrobe successful 3 words, she said: “Grungy alternative, but besides ladylike.”

Rebecca added: “I utilized to emotion a chequered garment and pencil skirt successful the 90s/00s. Fashion is simply a signifier of aforesaid look truthful I respect radical similar David Bowie and Annie Lennox - anyone with a spot of an borderline that tells the satellite who they are done style.

“I travel Fearne Cotton connected Instagram, excessively - she’s large - and besides gully inspiration from radical successful the street. That’s wherefore I emotion coming backmost to Manchester, due to the fact that it’s truthful divers and alternative.”


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