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The Tesla Wall Connector is simply a location EV charger with galore functionalities, including power-sharing for up to six vehicles connected a azygous circuit.

Tesla Wall Connector mounted connected a pedestal Image: Tesla

The Tesla Wall Connector is simply a location EV charger with galore functionalities, including power-sharing, which users tin activate reasonably easily. Power-sharing is an absorbing Wall Connector feature that enables homes with aggregate Tesla EVs to recharge their cars simultaneously. Although it works utilizing 1 electrical circuit, the functionality ensures that each the EVs support a steadfast charging speed. Power-sharing charges up to six vehicles utilizing six connectors. To debar sending unhealthy amounts of current, 1 of the Wall Connectors is assigned arsenic a person and regulates the complaint sent to the others.

According to Tesla, anyone funny successful establishing a power-sharing web should prosecute 1 of its qualified technicians. The electrician volition request to place and configure 1 connector arsenic the leader. Households should cognize that power-sharing is obtainable lone erstwhile the connectors tally connected firmware mentation 21.36.6 oregon later. When the archetypal Wall Connector is successfully configured, the adjacent measurement is tapping the power-sharing paper located successful the commissioning interface and pairing the remaining connectors to the person utilizing Wi-Fi. Tesla states that during the process of adding chargers to the network, the pb portion volition concisely relinquish its Wi-Fi connection. It should beryllium instantly restored, but if it isn't, refreshing the leafage should hole it.

Troubleshooting Tesla Power-Sharing Issues

The Tesla Wall Connector implicit a achromatic background Image: Tesla

Once the remaining connectors person been included, the adjacent signifier is mounting a web bounds which volition guarantee that each connector isn't fed abnormal current. Tesla says that a six-unit web has a bounds of 36 amps. Also, if each charger has a antithetic circuit breaker, the technician indispensable unite the connectors utilizing their respective breakers. Once the six chargers person been linked and a powerfulness bounds set, users volition beryllium capable to crook connected power-sharing. Unless activated, homeowners can't complaint aggregate EVs using the Wall Connector. It should beryllium noted that lone Gen 3 Wall Connectors tin beryllium utilized for this purpose.

Tesla prescribes immoderate solutions to code issues with the power-sharing functionality. The astir communal crushed for a interruption successful the process is the nonaccomplishment of the pb portion to link with the different units. When this occurs, determination are a mates of remedies that tin beryllium utilized. One of them is to verify that the connectors are activated. Another method is to powerfulness rhythm the Wall Connectors, which should restart the circuit breaker.

The Wall Connector is simply a astute charger designed to marque location charging much convenient. It's a Level 2 EV charger, meaning that users tin adhd much miles successful less hours compared to the mobile cord. It presently offers up to 44 miles of driving scope per hour. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, a diagnostic that enables households to easy download and instal over-the-air firmware updates. Buyers tin leverage its Charging Access Control diagnostic to find which EV tin beryllium recharged done the connector. The Wall Connector is disposable successful 2 variants — the regular mentation costs $350 portion the J1772 charger (for non-Tesla EVs) is priced astatine $550.

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