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You are preparing to upgrade your PC with a caller SSD. So, your program is to instal the caller SSD archetypal and past reinstall Windows 10 connected it? Wait, you don’t really person to instrumentality the clip to reinstall Windows. This nonfiction volition amusement you however to easy determination Windows 10 to an SSD without reinstalling the OS. This volition prevention you invaluable clip and support each your information intact.

What You Need?

All you request is the iSumsoft Cloner tool. iSumsoft Cloner is simply a almighty yet easy-to-use disk cloning instrumentality for Windows that helps you transcript oregon clone Windows systems, information partitions, and adjacent full hard drives. It allows you to transcript your Windows 10 installation straight from your computer’s archetypal hard thrust to the SSD. This is 1 of the champion solutions for moving Windows 10 to an SSD without reinstalling the OS. The instrumentality has the pursuing features.

  • Copy lone Windows OS from 1 hard thrust to another, and stay the transcript of Windows bootable connected the people drive.
  • Clone an full hard thrust to another, and stay the transcript of Windows and each different information moving decently connected the people drive.
  • Back up Windows oregon a partition arsenic a single, compressed record and fto you reconstruct it erstwhile needed.
  • Work for each versions of Windows 11/10/8/7 and each brands of HDDs and SSDs.

Follow the steps beneath to move Windows 10 to an SSD without reinstalling the OS.

Step 1: Install oregon link the SSD to your PC

Before starting to transportation Windows 10 straight betwixt your aged hard thrust and SSD, you indispensable archetypal guarantee that the SSD is installed oregon connected to your computer.

  • If you privation to adhd a caller SSD to your machine portion keeping the aged hard drive, you volition present request to instal the SSD decently successful the SSD bay connected your computer’s motherboard.

  • If you are readying to region your computer’s aged hard thrust and regenerate it with the caller SSD, don’t bash that conscionable yet; instead, you request archetypal to link the SSD to your machine utilizing a USB adapter.

After that, log successful to Windows 10 and past unfastened the Disk Management app. A dialog volition automatically popular up saying that you indispensable initialize the disk, click OK, and the caller SSD volition beryllium initialized immediately.

Right-click connected the caller SSD and prime New Simple Volume to delegate a caller thrust missive to it.

Step 2: Install iSumsoft Cloner connected Windows 10

Now that your SSD is ready, download and instal iSumsoft Cloner connected your Windows 10 if you haven’t already. It is simply a tiny app that takes lone a fewer minutes to download and install. You request to unfastened immoderate browser and spell to iSumsoft authoritative website to download the iSumsoft Cloner program. Once the download is complete, tally the downloaded isumsoft-cloner.exe programme and travel the setup wizard that pops up to instal the bundle connected your computer.

Step 3: Move Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling

Launch iSumsoft Cloner connected Windows 10, and it volition automatically observe each drives connected to your computer, including those installed internally and those connected via USB ports. Moreover, each disks and partitions are displayed successful the interface, conscionable similar you spot them successful This PC.

Select the Copy enactment successful the precocious near corner, prime your strategy thrust with your Windows 10 OS arsenic the root partition, and past prime the SSD arsenic the people partition. In addition, marque definite that the Set people partition arsenic footwear disk is checked, which ensures that the SSD is bootable aft you transportation Windows 10 to it.

Everything is ready. Now click the Start fastener successful the bottommost close corner, and the bundle volition instantly commencement copying and migrating your Windows 10 to the SSD.

Wait for the transcript process to complete, which usually takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending connected the utilized abstraction connected your operating strategy drive.

When the bundle leafage prompts the connection “The Copy Completed successfully”, your Windows 10 has been successfully copied to your SSD.

Step 4: Boot your machine from the SSD.

After you’ve finished copying your Windows 10 to the SSD, present is the clip to usage the SSD arsenic your computer’s superior hard thrust and footwear Windows 10 connected it.

If you are looking to region your computer’s archetypal hard thrust and regenerate it with the SSD, present is the clip to instal the SSD wrong your computer. Then, erstwhile you crook connected your computer, it volition automatically footwear from the SSD without immoderate further setup.

If you are successful a concern wherever you person added an SSD to your machine portion keeping the archetypal hard drive, you volition present request to alteration the footwear settings to marque your machine footwear from the SSD. Follow the steps below.

  • Shut down your machine and past crook it connected again. Once it starts, instantly property and clasp the Start paper fastener (usually F12 oregon Esc) until the Start paper appears.
  • On the Start menu, take the SSD arsenic the footwear device, and your machine volition footwear from the SSD.

In either case, aft your machine has finished booting from the SSD, the transcript of Windows 10 volition tally perfectly connected the SSD without immoderate problems, conscionable arsenic it did connected the computer’s aged hard drive. All your files, applications, and strategy settings are intact.

The wrapping up:

An SSD is 1 of the champion upgrades you tin marque to your desktop oregon laptop computer. However, you whitethorn look a strategy migration occupation during this upgrade process. Reinstalling Windows 10 connected the caller SSD is simply a feasible solution, but it takes much time, and you’ll request to acceptable up your Windows and apps from scratch. Fortunately, you tin debar specified occupation by disk cloning if you privation to. iSumsoft Cloner is simply a bully enactment to transcript oregon determination Windows 10 to an SSD without reinstalling the OS.