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Google is turning disconnected its Stadia unreality crippled streaming work connected January 18th, 2023, but it’s giving the wireless Stadia controller a 2nd accidental arsenic a Bluetooth controller that tin beryllium connected to PCs, Macs, phones, and presumably different devices, too. The alteration won’t hap automatically; it’s a manual process that can’t beryllium reversed. What’s more, you lone person until December 31st, 2023, to bash the power to alteration Bluetooth wireless. After that date, immoderate unconverted Stadia controller volition inactive enactment arsenic a wired USB gamepad, but it’ll beryllium locked retired of playing games wirelessly.

I’m going to locomotion you done the process for converting your Stadia controller by utilizing Google’s browser-based tool.

Charge your controller, plug it in, and unfastened the tool

  • Make definite your controller is charged supra the 10 percent level. (It won’t fto you proceed until it has capable charge.)
  • Open Google’s Stadia controller update instrumentality successful Chrome oregon Microsoft Edge. (Signing successful to your Google relationship isn’t indispensable oregon adjacent imaginable to implicit this process.)
  • Click the commencement fastener successful the Switch to Bluetooth mode section. You’ll beryllium prompted to hold to Google’s presumption of service. (Agreeing is the lone enactment that lets you proceed.)

A screenshot showing however to activate your Google Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth mode

The archetypal measurement is selecting “start” to power the controller to Bluetooth mode.

Allow the browser to verify the controller

  • Next, you’ll request to let your browser to verify the controller. Click the Allow Chrome to verify button.
  • This volition origin a tiny drop-down model to look successful the top-left country of your browser. Your Stadia controller should beryllium visible. Choose the Connect option.

A screenshot showing however to activate your Google Stadia controller’s Bluetooth mode

A drop-down model successful your browser volition look similar this, showing your controller.

Follow the on-screen fastener prompts to unlock your controller’s firmware

At this point, the instrumentality volition amusement you a acceptable of fastener commands that are indispensable to property successful bid to let the Wi-Fi to Bluetooth conversion to transpire. Here are the fastener prompts successful order:

  • First, unplug your controller. In the instructions, Google notes that if it turns connected again, you should clasp the Stadia fastener for 4 seconds to unit it to unopen down.
  • Hold the options fastener (it looks similar an ellipsis with 3 horizontal dots) portion plugging successful the controller. The instructions enactment that the presumption airy underneath the main Stadia fastener should stay unlit and that you should effort the process again if it turns on.
  • Finally, property the aforesaid options button, positive the Google Assistant fastener (featuring 4 otherwise sized circles) conscionable beneath it on with A and Y. That’s 4 buttons successful total. (The instructions accidental determination won’t beryllium a rumble oregon immoderate benignant of controller feedback.)

A screenshot showing however to activate your Google Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth mode

It requires a bid of fastener combos to unlock your Stadia controller.

Allow the browser to download the Bluetooth mode update

In bid to instal the update, you’ll person to erstwhile again prime your controller, pursuing a akin process from earlier.

  • Hit Allow Chrome to download.
  • Select Connect wrong the drop-down model successful your browser. This time, it whitethorn beryllium listed arsenic SP Blank RT Family, Stadia Controller, oregon USB COMPOSITE DEVICE.

A screenshot showing however to activate your Google Stadia controller’s Bluetooth mode

At this constituent successful the process, your controller whitethorn spell by a antithetic name, truthful support that successful mind.

Allow your browser to instal the Bluetooth mode

Once again, the adjacent measurement has you allowing the browser to instal the update. Select the controller (it could spell by immoderate of the names listed successful the erstwhile step) for the last measurement that enables Bluetooth.

A screenshot showing however to activate your Google Stadia controller’s Bluetooth mode

To brace the controller to devices, clasp Y and the Stadia button, arsenic this graphic illustrates.

How to link to devices via Bluetooth

To link your Stadia controller wirelessly to devices implicit Bluetooth, clasp the Y and Stadia buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds, and the presumption airy volition flash orangish to bespeak that it’s successful pairing mode. Google notes that, erstwhile it’s paired to a device, it’ll auto-connect to the past paired instrumentality erstwhile turned on.

Correction January 17th, 4:42PM ET: A erstwhile mentation of this nonfiction incorrectly mentioned that Stadia controllers that miss the December 31st, 2023, update model volition beryllium useless. However, they volition inactive enactment arsenic wired USB controllers.

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